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  • 2015
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In the early hours of March 13, 1997, one of the most infamous UFO sightings in American history took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Dubbed as "The Phoenix Lights," a string of inexplicable light formations appeared in the night sky over the city, witnessed by thousands of people who are still baffled by what they saw. The Phoenix Incident is a 2015 science fiction thriller film that explores an alternative theory of what happened that night.

The movie follows four Arizona National Guardsmen, Troy, Ryan, Glenn and Jacob, who were conducting a training exercise near the site of the reported sightings when their Apache helicopter went missing. The movie begins ten years after the incident, with the discovery of video recordings that Jacob, the only survivor of the group, made during the mission. The recordings reveal a horrifying encounter that forced the young soldiers to confront an extraterrestrial force beyond anything they could have imagined.

The Phoenix Incident unfolds in a found-footage format, with the characters' recordings interspersed with interviews from experts and witnesses, news reports, and satellite imagery. The movie effectively blends fictitious elements with real-life footage to create a realistic portrayal of the events. It also adds a layer of authenticity by incorporating news clips and interviews with reporters who covered the original story. This approach gives the film an eerie atmosphere, making it feel as if you were watching a real-life documentary.

The story is told through different perspectives, highlighting the events from various angles. We see what happens to the guardsmen as they fly over Phoenix, what the residents of the city see in the sky, and how the authorities respond to the situation. The movie also features dramatized recreated sequences featuring actors portraying the missing soldiers.

The Phoenix Incident builds tension as it develops the mystery surrounding the soldiers' disappearance. The film's alien scenes are imbued with an ominous and otherworldly feel, with the extraterrestrial entities portrayed as malevolent and terrifying. The movie's climax is intense and thrilling, with the remaining soldiers fighting for their survival against impossible odds.

The acting is solid across the board, with Yuri Lowenthal giving a standout performance as Jacob. The character has a compelling arc, from a fresh-faced young man to traumatized war veteran struggling to cope with the events of that night. Travis Willingham, Troy Baker and Liam O'Brien all deliver excellent performances as his comrades. The rest of the cast, including witnesses, experts, and military personnel, are convincing and add to the film's overall realism.

The film's cinematography is well-executed, with the found-footage style adding a layer of grit and authenticity. The creators perfectly replicate the grainy quality and erratic camera movements often associated with video recorders of the late 90s.

The film's production design is impressive, with the extraterrestrial beings being particularly striking. Their design is reminiscent of the "greys" that have become popular since the Roswell incident. The movie wisely avoids any cheesy special effects, instead relying on practical makeup and costumes.

On a deeper level, The Phoenix Incident is a commentary on how governments keep information secret from the public. The film portrays the military as actively concealing information about the potential threat, effectively dismissing the soldiers' encounters as a training exercise gone wrong. The film suggests that the powers that be are willing to lie to the public in the face of inexplicable events to maintain order.

Overall, The Phoenix Incident is a well-executed and thrilling sci-fi thriller that offers a unique take on the infamous Phoenix Lights incident. Its found-footage style and real-life footage give the movie an air of authenticity and realism, making it a unique and engaging viewing experience. The alien scenes are genuinely scary, with the extraterrestrial beings designed to induce fear and intrigue. War veterans and alien enthusiasts will find this movie captivating.

The Phoenix Incident is a 2015 fantasy movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 22 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.9.

The Phoenix Incident
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