The Raid on Entebbe

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"The boldest rescue in history"
  • NR
  • 1977
  • 2 hr
  • 6.7  (3,747)

The Raid on Entebbe is a 1976 film Directed by Irvin Kershner and starred by Peter Finch, Charles Bronson, and Yaphet Kotto. Based on the true events of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to Paris by members of a radical Palestinian group. The film is set in the height of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, with the history of the conflict used to inform the events that follow on screen. The story is set in motion when the terrorists hijack the Air France flight 139. The passengers are held hostage in Entebbe, Uganda, where they are treated cruelly and given unreasonable demands by their captors. As the situation becomes dire for the passengers, the Israeli government scrambles to put together a team that can successfully rescue them. The Prime Minister of Israel orders a daring and dangerous rescue mission to take place.

As the rescue mission is put into action, the tension builds to an explosive crescendo. The Israeli soldiers require a great deal of courage and skill as they must navigate political and security hurdles to reach the hostages and extract them from hostile territory.

The film is a gripping recounting of this real-life event that captivated the world in 1976. The portrayal of the hijacking is done with the utmost care, as the film makers took great care to reproduce the events of the actual plane hijacking in a painstaking and accurate manner. The set design and attention to detail in the film is excellent, with the use of actual footage from the time of the hijacking lending the film an air of authenticity.

One of the things that sets this movie apart from others like it is that it takes a very balanced view of the conflict at the center of the story. While the Palestinians are shown as the aggressors, the film does not paint them as evil, one-dimensional characters. The characters at the center of the Palestinian group are given a good amount of screen time, allowing the audience to understand them on a more human level. Similarly, the Israeli soldiers are not shown as infallible heroes, but rather as human, flawed individuals who are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

The cast of this movie is made up of some of the most talented actors of the time. Peter Finch's role as the Prime Minister of Israel was widely acclaimed as one of the highlights of the movie. Charles Bronson's portrayal of Captain Bacos, the Air France pilot who refused to leave his passengers behind, was also seen as a standout performance. Yaphet Kotto delivers a subtly nuanced performance as an Israeli military leader, bringing a depth to his character that is rarely seen in movies of this type.

The Raid on Entebbe was well-received upon its release, with many critics praising the film for its realism, attention to detail, and strong performances. The film remains a powerful reminder of the bravery of the Israeli soldiers who put their lives on the line to rescue the passengers of Flight 139. It is also a testament to the human spirit, as it is through human determination and sacrifice that the hostages were able to be rescued.

In conclusion, The Raid on Entebbe is a well-crafted and deeply moving film that tells a story of courage, determination, and sacrifice that has resonated with audiences for more than four decades. Its portrayal of one of the most dramatic and heroic moments in modern history continues to be an inspiration for audiences around the globe.

The Raid on Entebbe
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