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  • 1958
  • 1 hr 5 min
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Windom's Way is a 1957 British drama film directed by Ronald Neame, starring Peter Finch, Mary Ure, and Natasha Parry. The movie was based on a novel by James Ramsay Ulman and tells the story of a British doctor, Stephen Windom, who struggles with his personal and professional life in Malaya in the 1950s. The film begins with Dr. Stephen Windom moving to Malaya with his wife Alix and their three-year-old son Andrew to take up a position in a hospital. Alix is unhappy with her new life and makes Stephen aware of her discontent. The couple's relationship is strained, and Stephen starts having an affair with a young nurse named Anna.

Meanwhile, Stephen is confronted with the challenges of being a doctor in a developing country. Malaya is suffering from a cholera epidemic, and Stephen works tirelessly to treat the patients and contain the disease. He also faces the hostility of the local population, who are suspicious of Western medicine and prefer traditional remedies.

As Stephen struggles with his professional life, his personal life becomes more complicated when Alix discovers his affair with Anna. Alix is devastated and wants to leave Malaya, taking their son with her. Stephen is torn between his love for Anna and his responsibility towards his family. He tries to reconcile with Alix, but she refuses to forgive him and leaves with their son.

Amid all these troubles, Stephen gets involved in a political conflict when the local communist party leaders approach him for medical help. They want him to take care of their injured comrades and treat them in secret to avoid detection by the British authorities. Stephen is torn between his duty as a doctor and his loyalty to his country.

The film's plot unfolds with several twists and turns as Stephen tries to navigate through his personal and professional life amidst country turmoil. His character is portrayed as a man struggling with morality, love, and duty. Peter Finch, who played the protagonist Stephen, delivers a magnificent performance as a man attempting to balance his conflicting values and responsibilities.

Mary Ure, who played Alix, Stephen's wife, delivered a memorable performance as a woman suffering the consequences of her husband's infidelity. Natasha Parry, who played Anna, the nurse Stephen has an affair with, portrayed her character with subtleness and empathy.

The cinematography of Windom's Way is exceptional, with beautiful shots of the Malayan landscape and the locals going about their daily life. The film's score is captivating, with a mix of classical and traditional music. The screenwriters did an excellent job of adapting James Ramsay Ulman's novel, which was replete with themes of love, duty, and morality.

Overall, Windom's Way is an outstanding drama film that explores complex themes with depth and sensitivity. It is a poignant story of a man torn between his personal desires and professional obligations, set in the context of political conflict in a developing country. The film earned critical acclaim upon release and is still regarded as one of Peter Finch's best performances.

Windom's Way
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