The Reluctant Saint

"The incredible true story of St. Joseph of Cupertino. "The Flying Friar""
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This beautiful motion picture tells the heartwarming tale of a man who desires nothing in life, and asks nothing of no one. Giuseppe is a lovable, kindhearted individual who means no harm to anyone. However, his mother is becoming aware of the fact that her son is quickly becoming known as the village idiot. Giuseppe's mother sends him to live with his brother at the church. He is banished to work in the stables after causing some minor incidents. Once in the stable, another priest walks in on Giuseppe and notices his inexplicable bond with the horses, and convinces him to join him on the path to bigger things.

Not Rated
| 1962 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.2/10
Maximilian Schell, Ricardo Montalban, Lea Padovani, Akim Tamiroff
Edward Dmytryk
Produced By
Edward Dmytryk
The Reluctant Saint
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Also starring Ricardo Montalban