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"Sean Connery is Shalako! Shalako means action! Action means Bardot!"
  • M/PG
  • 1968
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • 5.6  (3,442)
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Shalako is a 1968 Western film starring Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot, and Stephen Boyd. Directed by Edward Dmytryk and based on a novel by Louis L'Amour, this film follows the story of a group of European aristocrats who hire a hunting party to guide them through the American Southwest. The film begins with the arrival of the European hunting party, led by Baron Frederick Von Hallstatt (Peter van Eyck) and his wife, Countess Irina Lazaar (Brigitte Bardot). They are accompanied by a group of their wealthy friends, including Sir Charles Daggett (Sean Connery) and Lady Julia Daggett (Honor Blackman). As they set up camp in the wilderness, they quickly realize that they are not alone. A nearby Apache tribe, led by the fierce Chief Chato (Woody Strode), has been watching them closely.

Things take a turn for the worse when the hunting party accidentally sets fire to the nearby Apache village. The enraged Chato seeks revenge and begins attacking the hunting party, using his skills as a deadly warrior to pick them off one by one. The Europeans turn to Shalako (Sean Connery), a former British cavalryman who has a lot of experience with the Apaches, for help.

As they try to make their way to safety, the hunting party faces a number of challenges, including a desperate struggle for water and a treacherous crossing of a canyon. Along the way, they also encounter a group of Mexican bandits who are intent on taking advantage of the chaos caused by Chato's attacks.

The film features strong performances from its talented cast, especially from Sean Connery, who plays the rugged and resourceful Shalako with conviction. Brigitte Bardot is also quite good as the haughty Countess Irina, who transforms into a more sympathetic character as she faces the harsh realities of life on the frontier.

The film's action sequences are well-staged and thrilling, and the stunning landscapes of the American Southwest provide a striking backdrop for the story. Fans of classic Westerns will appreciate the film's attention to detail, from the costumes and sets to the use of firearms and other historical details.

Overall, Shalako is an enjoyable and engaging Western adventure that features great performances, exciting action sequences, and beautiful scenery. Despite its somewhat predictable plot, the film remains a classic of the genre and a must-see for fans of Westerns and classic cinema in general.

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