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"You're never as alone as you think."

Mackenzie Phillips, also known as Mack, suffered horrific abuse from the hand of her father when he was a child. As an adult he has a wonderful life with his wife, Nan, and their three beautiful children, Kate, Josh and their youngest daughter Missy. However, Mack's life falls apart when Missy ends up disappearing while the family is on a camping trip. She goes missing when Mack is saving Kate and Josh from a canoeing accident. The police investigate and determine Missy is the victim of a serial killer. The tragedy strikes hard at Mack's faith and life. Mack mysteriously receives a telegram signed by "Papa" (which happens to be Nan's name for God) which invites him to come to the cabin. Mack reluctantly travels there and is overcome with rage and suicidal thoughts, until he meets an odd trio of strangers who strive to help him understand, heal and forgive.

| 2017 | 2 hr 12 min | 6.5/10
The Shack

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