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  • 1956
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In the movie The Vagabond King, Kathryn Grayson stars as Katherine de Vaucelles, the princess of France, who falls in love with a wandering singer named François Villon (Oreste Kirkop). The film is a musical adaptation of the 1925 operetta by Rudolf Friml and Brian Hooker, which was based on the life of the real François Villon, a 15th-century poet, rogue, and thief.

The film begins with Villon leading his band of vagabonds, known as the Hanged Men, through the streets of medieval Paris, singing and causing trouble. One day, he and his men cross paths with Princess Katherine, who is disguised as a peasant girl in order to experience the life of the common people. Villon is immediately smitten with her and serenades her with the song "Only a Rose."

As the two of them get to know each other, Villon discovers that the princess is engaged to marry the Duke of Burgundy (Cedric Hardwicke), a union that will cement an important political alliance. However, Katherine is not in love with the Duke and feels trapped by her duty to her country. Villon sees an opportunity to win her over and persuades her to sneak away from the palace and spend a day with him in the countryside.

The rest of the movie follows Villon as he tries to win Katherine's heart and prove his worthiness as a suitor. However, their romance is threatened by the Duke of Burgundy, who sees Villon as a threat to his plans and vows to destroy him. Meanwhile, Villon must also deal with the treachery of his own band of vagabonds, who are tempted by a large sum of gold offered by the Duke to capture him.

Despite the many obstacles in their way, Villon and Katherine remain committed to each other, and their love is tested in a dramatic climax that involves a siege, a showdown with the Duke, and a daring escape. Throughout the film, there are plenty of musical numbers, including the iconic song "Song of the Vagabonds," which features Villon and his men singing about their carefree existence.

The film is notable for its lavish costumes and sets, which recreate the opulence of medieval France. The performances are also impressive, with Grayson and Kirkop displaying great chemistry and charisma. The supporting cast includes Rita Moreno as Huguette, a girl who has a crush on Villon, and Leslie Nielsen as Thibault, the captain of the Duke's guard.

Overall, The Vagabond King is a romantic and adventurous musical that transports viewers to a bygone era. While it may not be the most well-known musical of its time, it remains a charming and enjoyable film that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. Whether you are a fan of classic musicals or just looking for a fun and entertaining movie, The Vagabond King is sure to please.

The Vagabond King
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