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"M-G-M's Technicolor fiesta!"
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  • 1950
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The Toast of New Orleans is a classic musical film from 1950, starring the incredible duo of Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza, with David Niven in a supporting role. The plot is set in New Orleans, where Italian opera singer Pepe Duvalle (Lanza) meets a local girl named Suzette Micheline (Grayson), who dreams of becoming an opera singer herself. Their blossoming romance is interrupted by Pepe's obligation to return to Italy to perform at La Scala.

After a successful performance, Pepe is invited to sing at the Royal Opera in London but instead decides to return to New Orleans to help Suzette achieve her dreams. However, he soon learns that there is more to Suzette's passion than just singing, as she also excels at Cajun music, a traditional music of Louisiana. Despite his initial reluctance, Pepe is soon won over by the vibrancy and passion of Cajun music and becomes a master of the art himself.

However, their happiness is threatened by the arrival of Suzette's employer, Maxie Fields (David Niven), a wealthy businessman who wants to turn her into a pop sensation. Maxie's plans to exploit Suzette and turn her into a commercial success is at odds with her artistic integrity, and she must choose between fame and fortune or her passion for music.

The Toast of New Orleans is a movie bursting with energy and musical prowess. Grayson and Lanza are perfectly paired, with their voices blending beautifully in the film's many operatic and Cajun musical numbers. The film uses both music and dancing to tell the story, with the dance scenes being especially impressive. The choreography is a combination of traditional and modern styles, and it showcases the talent of the film's actors.

The film's backdrop of New Orleans is also a character in itself, with its unique culture and architectural style adding to the charm and richness of the story. The movie's cinematography is a true masterpiece, with the vibrant colors and sweeping camera angles effectively capturing the spirit of the city and its music.

Aside from the musical performances, the film's strongest aspect is its characters. Grayson's Suzette is a likable and relatable character, easy to root for as she fights for her dream to sing opera. Lanza's Pepe, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated, as he must reconcile his duty to perform in Italy with his love for Suzette and her music. His transformation from an opera singer to a Cajun musician is a fascinating character arc that adds depth to the overall story.

David Niven's Maxie is a great antagonist, the perfect foil to Suzette's artistic integrity. He is both charming and ruthless, making him a worthy adversary to our heroes. Niven brings a lightheartedness to the role, infusing his scenes with humor and wit.

The Toast of New Orleans is a great film that showcases the best of Golden Age Hollywood musicals. It has great music, vibrant dance sequences, and strong performances from its leads. The movie's themes of artistic integrity, ambition, and passion are timeless, making it a film that still resonates today. If you are a fan of classic musicals, then The Toast of New Orleans is a must-watch.

The Toast of New Orleans
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