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"When Jerry takes over as 'The King' of the great lovers -- Pandemonium reigns!"
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  • 1966
  • 1 hr 49 min
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Jerry Lewis' 1966 movie Three on a Couch is a delightful romantic comedy that tells the story of a talented artist, Christopher Pride (Jerry Lewis), who has issues with commitment. The movie features several romantic comedies of the era's popular themes, including mistaken identity, split personality, love triangles, and slapstick humor.

The plot of the movie revolves around a psychology research project that Pride agrees to participate in, in an attempt to improve his commitment issues. The study requires him to behave as a different person entirely, with a new personality, new clothes, and a new name- Everett.

As Everett, Pride meets and falls in love with Cynthia (Janet Leigh), who is currently struggling with her own romantic problems. She is in love with one of three men, and cannot decide which one is the best for her. Pride, as Everett, takes the opportunity to counsel Cynthia and successfully helps her break free from the love triangle.

However, problems arise when Pride's three personae initially do not seem to have a friendly relationship with each other. They begin to sabotage each other with Cynthia, leaving Pride confused and uncertain about which of his personalities is genuinely in love with her. While Pride struggles to keep his identities in check, Cynthia senses that something is amiss, and she ultimately realizes who Pride really is.

Throughout the film, Mary Ann Mobley, who plays Dr. Liz Acord, the psychologist running the research study, provides a strong female character who is also the voice of reason for Pride's many personalities. She is always pushing Pride to take relationships more seriously and be true to himself.

There are several highlights of this delightful movie, including hilarious set pieces and a wonderful musical sequence called "Leave Me Alone" featuring the outrageously campy 60s pop sensation, The Nashville Teens. While watching Jerry Lewis bumble through his various identities is certainly funny, a lot of heart goes into this story. Pride is not only struggling with commitment but also dealing with a tragic art-related injury that has left him feeling lost in life. The message of the movie is ultimately about learning to accept yourself for who you are and let love into your life.

This film features terrific performances by its three main stars. Jerry Lewis is fantastic in the lead role, providing his signature physical comedy while also portraying the more fragile and introspective aspects of the character. Janet Leigh is stunning as Cynthia, managing to be both romantic and reserved at the same time. Mary Ann Mobley is equally impressive, delivering her lines with impeccable timing, and adding a sense of authority and seriousness that acts as a foil for Jerry Lewis' often-bizarre performance.

Three on a Couch is an excellent movie, showcasing some of the best aspects of romantic comedies from the era. It is a great time-capsule of 1960s pop culture, featuring a lively musical score, colorful clothing, and some hysterically funny slap-stick humor. It is a film that offers plenty of laughs and a believable and satisfying relationship that develops between the two leads, making for a genuinely enjoyable cinematic experience. Fans of romantic comedies and Jerry Lewis, in particular, will definitely want to see this one.

Three on a Couch
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