Thumb Wars

"Every Hand Has A Thumb..."

The movie Thumb Wars is a comedy and sci-fi film that is A unique re-creation of a star wars movie. Thumb wars uses several fingers and thumbs dressed up like various heroes and villains, acting out the roles of each character from the star wars movie. A movie that keeps viewers watching over and over again. In this movie, viewers will see as these fingers and thumbs work against each other, fighting over a super evil weapon. This movie will put viewers in full blown laughter mode as they watch the forces take over these fingers and thumbs in this epic, one of a kind movie.

| 1999 | 29 min | 6.8/10
Steve Oedekerk, Andrea Fears, Ross Shafer, Rob Paulsen
Image Entertainment
Steve Oedekerk
Thumb Wars
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THUMB WARS IX: The Thighs of Skyskipper - Teaser - STAR WARS 9 Feature Film Parody|2:00
Reaction to Episode 9 Thumb Wars Official Trailer|6:42