Time Chasers

"Saving the future before time runs out…"
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In this science fiction thriller, teacher and pilot Nick Miller has finally achieved his goal of learning how to time travel. In order to interest a major corporation, GenCorp, in investing in his discovery, he invites one of their executives along with a reporter to travel with him to 2041. He not only gets a licensing agreement, but also a date with the reporter, who happens to be an old girlfriend from high school named Lisa. But after another trip to the future alerts Nick that GenCorp misuses his technology, Nick must decide whether he should destroy his time-travel invention.

| 1994 | 1 hr 29 min | 2.3/10
Matthew Bruch, Bonnie Pritchard, Peter Harrington, George Woodard
David Giancola
Produced By
Peter Beckwith
Time Chasers
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