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"The Wildest Adventure Ever!"
  • NR
  • 2019
  • 4.2  (7,773)

Total Dhamaal is a 2019 Indian Hindi language action adventure comedy film directed by Indra Kumar, and starring a star-studded cast of Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, and Sanjay Mishra. The film is the third installment of the Dhamaal film series. The story revolves around a group of people who are in search of a hidden treasure worth Rs. 50 crore. This group includes a fire superintendent named played by Ajay Devgn, a small-time thief played by Riteish Deshmukh, a con-woman played by Anil Kapoor, a mechanic played by Arshad Warsi, and a driver played by Jaaved Jaaferi. They all come together and embark on a madcap adventure full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story begins with a dying man revealing the location of a hidden treasure worth Rs. 50 crore. Soon, a race to find the treasure ensues between different groups of people. The race to find the treasure leads the main characters to a zoo, a water park, a forest, and a cliffside.

The film has been shot in picturesque locations and captures the essence of each location that the characters visit. The chemistry between the lead actors, especially between Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor, is simply amazing. Their combined star power brings energy and life to the screen, making the film an entertaining watch.

The film has a lot of comic moments and is packed with action and adventure scenes. From car chases to shootouts, and from explosions to high-speed helicopter chases, the film has it all. The action scenes are well choreographed and keep the audience hooked throughout.

The music is composed by Gourov-Roshin, and the songs complement the mood of the film perfectly. The title song 'Total Dhamaal' is a peppy number that will get you tapping your feet. The other songs are equally foot-tapping and add to the overall entertainment value of the film.

The film also has some gorgeous visuals and breathtaking cinematography. The scenes shot in the forest are particularly stunning, and the cinematographer has done a great job of capturing the beauty of the location. The VFX used in the film is top-notch and enhances the viewing experience.

In conclusion, Total Dhamaal is a fun-filled joyride that will leave you entertained and amused. The film has a great cast, a good story, and some amazing action and adventure scenes. If you're in the mood for a light-hearted comedy film, then Total Dhamaal is a must-watch.

Total Dhamaal
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