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"You'll Laugh All The Way To The Blood Bank!"
  • PG
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.2  (654)

Transylvania Twist is a horror-comedy movie from 1989 that revolves around a dance contest in Transylvania. The movie is directed by Jim Wynorski and stars Robert Vaughn, Teri Copley, and Steve Altman in lead roles. The story of the movie is set in Transylvania, where Count Byron Orlock is organizing a dance contest. The count invites dancers from all over the world to attend the contest, and promises a prize of $100,000 to the winner. The contestants arrive in Transylvania and start preparing for the contest.

The story takes a turn when a group of vampire hunters arrive in the town. They are searching for a legendary vampire named Lord Byron, who is rumored to be residing in Transylvania. The vampire hunters mistakenly assume that Count Byron Orlock is Lord Byron and start tracking him down.

At the same time, Count Orlock begins to take an interest in one of the contestants, Peggy, who he believes to be the reincarnation of his deceased love interest. He plans to win the dance contest and take Peggy as his bride.

As the contest progresses, the vampire hunters and Count Orlock's plans start to get entangled. The hunters mistakenly identify some of the contestants as vampires, complicating the situation even further.

The movie is a blend of horror and comedy, with elements of dance and romance. The dance contest serves as a backdrop for the movie, providing a platform for showcasing the different dance styles and adding a lighthearted touch to the story.

The performances of the cast are commendable, with Robert Vaughn as Count Byron Orlock stealing the show. His portrayal of a charming but menacing vampire is both entertaining and engaging. Teri Copley as Peggy is also noteworthy, bringing a sense of innocence and vulnerability to her character.

The movie's soundtrack is a mix of rock and roll and pop, with some memorable numbers like "Transylvania Twist" and "Vampire's Ball". The music adds to the fun and energetic vibe of the movie.

In conclusion, Transylvania Twist is a fun and entertaining movie that blends horror and comedy in a unique way. The movie's quirky characters, fast-paced plot, and energetic dance sequences make for an enjoyable viewing experience. If you're a fan of horror-comedy movies or just looking for a light-hearted movie to watch, Transylvania Twist is definitely worth a try.

Transylvania Twist
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