"No one needs anything here. It's all about want."
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The kids on the upper east side are on their spring break, and looking for ways to pass the time, some of which involves using the drug known as twelve. When his mother passed away from the effects of breast cancer, Mike's entire world is turned upside down, and he dropped out of school, turning instead to dealing drugs. Drugs are popular among the rich kids, and Mike has no trouble providing his ex school friends with whatever they need. Most of those students who he once rubbed shoulders with are aware of what he does, except for Molly Norton (Emma Roberts), a girl he grew up with.

Like many of the other popular kids in town, Jessica Brayson (Emily Meade) is attending a party hosted by one of the other kids who is simply trying to fit in. She stumbles upon someone's stash of twelve, and decides to give it a try for herself.

The experience takes her on a ride that she does not want to get off from, in fact she ends up passing out on the bathroom floor at the party. Jessica is so impressed by twelve that she goes in search of her own supply the next day, an exercise that brings her face to face with white Mike.(Chace Crawford)

Mike does not deal in the drug himself, but he is the local contact for another dealer who does, known as Lionel (played by 50 Cent) who he calls so that Jessica can make a purchase. After the transaction is complete. Mike asks Lionel if he has been in touch with his cousin Charlie, only to be told that he had not.

Charlie is also hooked on twelve, and deals directly with Lionel to get his fix. Joel Schumacher directs this thriller, with supporting roles by Rory Culkin as Chris, Philip Ettinger as Hunter and Esti Ginzburg as Sara Ludlow

| 2010 | 1 hr 34 min | 5.7/10 | 22/100
Chace Crawford, Rory Culkin, Philip Ettinger, Esti Ginzburg
Gaumont, Radar Pictures
Joel Schumacher
Produced By
Ted Field
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Also starring Chace Crawford