Udhaar Ki Zindagi

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Sitaram wants his son to marry the women he choose for him. However, his son Vasudev wants to marry the woman who stool his heart. Vasudev defies his father and marries the woman he loves, Suman. He and Suman start a life for themselves in the United States. Years later, Vasudev tries to make up with his father. Sitaram is happy to reconnect with his son and his family. He has forgave his son for his choices. However, Sitaram is very upset when only his granddaughter Sita shows up. He refuses to let her into his heart until he has seen his son again.

1994 | | 6.9/10
Jeetendra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Kajol, Rohit Bhatia
K.V. Raju
Produced By
Rajesh Mishra, S.S Misra
Udhaar Ki Zindagi
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Also directed by K.V. Raju