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"They Tore His Body. They Buried His Pride. But They Forgot His Old Uniform, His Sharp Knife and His Buffalo Gun. Find Tanner, El Segundo and the 16 Others. And Tell Them Valdez Is Coming."

Valdez is Coming is a 1971 western film about an aging sheriff who is pitted against a vicious, powerful rancher. The movie is directed by Edward Sherin and based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. Mexican-American sheriff Valdez (Burt Lancaster) kills a wrongly accused black man after receivng bad information from a disgruntled rancher Frank Tanner (Jon Cypher). Tanner is outraged by Valdez's suggestion that the man's widow (Juanita Penaloza) should be compensated. Tanner orders his men, led by ranch hand El Segundo (Barton Heyman), to strap a cross on Valdez's back and march him into the desert. Valdez is left in the desert to die, and badly injures himself while attempting to free himself from the cross. After Tanner's hired gun R.L. Davis (Richard Jordan) cuts the ropes on the cross, Valdez is able make it to the ranch of his friend Diego (Frank Silvera). While being nursed back to health, Valdez plots his revenge.

Valdez is a tough and experienced ex-soldier who Tanner sorely underestimated. Valdez puts on his calvarly uniform and sends Tanner a message: "Valdez is coming." After sneaking on Tanner's ranch, Valdez kidnaps Gay Erin (Susan Clark), a woman whose husband is rumored to have been killed by Tanner. Valdez systematically dispatches Tanner's men one by one. He disables Davis had holds him hostage along with Gay. While in Valdez's custody, Gay reveals that she in fact killed her own husband to be with Tanner. Understanding the depths of Tanner's depravity, a number of people, incuding Gay and Davis rally to Valdez's cause.

After a shootout, Valdez is surrounded by Tanner's men. Davis tells Tanner's hired men not to shoot Valdez. Tanner who is a weakling that uses hired guns to do his dirty work is forced to face Valdez alone. As Tanner faces Valdez in a one on one showdown, he is told by Valdez that he should have paid the money he suggested.

| 1971 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.9/10
Edwin Sherin, Ed Sherin

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