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"Love is Still the Greatest Adventure of All Time!"
  • 1989
  • 2 hr 3 min
  • 6.0  (21)

Wakwak is a Filipino supernatural horror film from 1989 that follows the story of a group of friends who set out on a trip to hike Mount Amarat, a supposed haunted mountain in the Philippines. The film stars Richard Gomez as Eric, the leader of the hiking group, Janice De Belen as Sheryl, his closest friend, and Alice Dixson as Liza, a journalist who joins the group to document their journey.

The film is set in the heart of the forest, where the group encounters several eerie incidents that make them question their decision to explore the mountain. Soon they find themselves being stalked by a mysterious creature known as the Wakwak, a mythical bird-like creature in Philippine folklore that feeds on human flesh.

As the group treks deeper into the jungle, they are confronted by supernatural forces and are gradually drawn into the clutches of the Wakwak. The friends must fight for their lives against this malevolent creature while also attempting to survive the dangers of the uncharted wilderness.

Wakwak is a gripping horror film that plays on traditional Filipino folklore to create a uniquely terrifying experience. The film's use of natural scenery, combined with its dark and supernatural elements, effectively creates a chilling atmosphere that leaves the audience on edge.

The performances of the lead actors are particularly noteworthy, particularly Janice de Belen's, who is convincing as the skeptical but brave Sheryl. Richard Gomez also delivers a good performance as the brave leader of the group whose courage is tested by the terrifying events that unfold around them.

The special effects used in Wakwak are not exactly cutting edge, but for a film from 1989 they are more than sufficient. The creature responsible for creating the scares, the Wakwak, is depicted through various practical effects that are both eerie and convincing.

It's worth noting that Wakwak is not a gore-fest or a jump-scare heavy horror film but relies on the slow build-up of tension and a creepy atmosphere to create scares. The film takes its time to develop its characters before plunging them into horror, which enhances the emotional impact of the climax.

Overall, Wakwak is an intriguing, suspenseful, and scary horror film that made an impact in the Philippine cinema scene during the late 1980s. If you enjoy supernatural horrors with eerie folklore elements, Wakwak is definitely worth a watch.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 3 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (21)