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"A parallel dimension... a gateway to hell"
  • R
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 24 min
  • 3.8  (745)

Webs is a horror movie from 2003 that is set in rural America. The movie centers around a small town sheriff named John Light who investigates a series of seemingly unrelated deaths that are occurring in quick succession. He eventually discovers that there is a common factor in all of the deaths: a species of genetically modified spider that has been created by a local biotech company.

The movie begins with the introduction of a group of teenagers who are camping in the nearby woods. They stumble upon a strange old man who warns them to stay away from the nearby biotech company, but they ignore his advice and sneak onto the property. They discover a lab full of strange creatures including the genetically modified spiders, and they accidentally release some of them into the wild.

As the movie progresses, we see the spiders begin to attack and kill various members of the community, including some of the teenagers who released them. Sheriff John Light is initially skeptical when he hears about the spider attacks, but as the bodies start piling up, he begins to investigate the biology lab as a potential source for the killer spiders.

John Light's investigation is complicated by the fact that his wife, Susan (played by Kate Greenhouse), works at the biotech company. She initially dismisses his concerns and refuses to believe that the spiders could be dangerous, but as the evidence mounts, she becomes increasingly worried. John's investigation also puts him in conflict with the CEO of the biotech company, Dr. Jameson (played by Colin Fox), who is determined to keep the true nature of his research secret.

Throughout the movie, we see the spiders grow in size and ferocity as they hunt down and kill their victims. The special effects used to create the spiders are impressive, with the creatures appearing believable and frightening onscreen. There are some truly terrifying moments in the movie, such as when one of the spiders crawls into a woman's ear, and another scene where a victim's hand is bitten off by an attacking spider.

As the death toll rises and the spiders continue to grow in size and number, John Light and his team race against time to find a way to stop the arachnid threat before it's too late. The final act of the movie is tense and action-packed, with John and Susan teaming up to take down the biotech company and destroy the spider infestation once and for all.

The acting in Webs is solid, with Richard Grieco giving a strong performance as the determined sheriff trying to save his town from the spider menace. Kate Greenhouse is also convincing as his conflicted wife who must choose between her loyalty to her employer and her concern for the safety of her community. Colin Fox is suitably menacing as the cold and calculating Dr. Jameson.

Overall, Webs is a gripping horror movie that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It's a classic creature feature that delivers plenty of scares and thrills, with impressive special effects and solid performances from the cast. If you're a fan of horror movies, especially those featuring creepy crawlies, then you won't want to miss this one.

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    1 hr 24 min
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    3.8  (745)