"A parallel dimension... a gateway to hell"
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Webs is a 2003 television film that blends science fiction with horror. Directed by David Wu, Webs spins a tale about an alternate universe devestated by a giant mutated spider queen. Four electricians are sent to an abandoned building to shut down the power when they discover that the floor plans don't match up with the actual size of the building. While investigating this anomaly, the quartet find a secret laboratory with a strange device powered by a nuclear generator. The machine is accidentally activated, creating a portal that Dean (Richard Grieco) falls through. Junior (Jason Jones) jumps in after him while Sheldon (Jeffrey Douglas) and Ray (Richard Yearwood) stay behind.

Dean and Junior emerge in an alternate version of Chicago that is devastated, deserted, and covered in webbing. Ray and Sheldon read notes left behind by researches in the lab, learning that the machine is the result of experimentation with creating gateways to parallel universes. When Sheldon and Ray enter the portal, the quarter is reunited before suffering an attack by ravenous creatures that kills Junior in the process. They are saved by armed human survivors from the alternate world and attempt to escape, but the generator short circuits and closes the portal before Dean can enter.

Dean meets a survivor named Elena (Kate Greenhouse) and learns about a mysterious old man at their headquarters. The old man is revealed to be Dr. Richard Moreli (Colin Fox), the creator of the portal device. Dr. Moreli explains that thirty years prior, his portal allowed a giant spider queen to enter their world and destroy it. The queen's venom allows her to take control of any human that she bites, and she uses the humans under her control to hunt down survivors.

Ray and Sheldon come back for Dean, and the race is on as they help Dr. Moreli build a new portal before the spider queen can slaughter them all.

| 2003 | 1 hr 24 min | 3.6/10
Richard Grieco, Kate Greenhouse, Colin Fox, Richard Yearwood
David Wu
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Also starring Kate Greenhouse