When Women Had Tails

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"A Hilarious New S-E-X Comedy That Will Have You Rolling in the Aisle!"
  • R
  • 1970
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 3.7  (663)

When Women Had Tails is a 1970 Italian comedy film that portrays an imaginary village of primitive people in prehistoric times. The film presents a satirical look at their hilarious antics and ancient traditions that involve the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, and the development of language. The film follows the story of Ulli (Senta Berger), a young and beautiful cavewoman who is ostracized by her tribe for her refusal to mate with their ruthless leader, Grr (Frank Wolff). Ulli instead falls in love with a more peaceful and intelligent hunter, the handsome and brave Vood (Giuliano Gemma), who is also shunned by the tribe for his non-violent ways.

As the story progresses, Ulli and Vood defy the tribal customs, which leads them into a series of adventures and mishaps. The film takes a lighthearted approach in its portrayal of the challenges and obstacles that the young couple face, both from their clan and from nature itself.

For instance, when the tribe discovers that Ulli has befriended a tribe of apes who come to her aid in her times of need, the other members of the clan see this as an act of treachery and ostracize her. Similarly, when Vood decides to create a crude form of pottery and to build a simple shelter for Ulli, he is ridiculed and shunned, being accused of being "weak" and "effeminate".

Despite all these setbacks, however, both Ulli and Vood continue to develop their relationship, which eventually culminates in a daring escape into the wilderness. Here, they eventually succumb to their passion and conceive a child, the first of a new breed of humanity that will eventually take over the Earth.

Throughout the film, the various characters are portrayed with humor and wit, with each one exhibiting his or her unique personality and quirks. The acting is superb, with Senta Berger shining in her role as Ulli, projecting a mixture of vulnerability, strength, and sensuality that captivates and entertains the audience.

The beautifully shot scenes depict a truly prehistoric world, yet one that has its own kind of charm and appeal. Along with the clever use of music and sound effects, the film immerses the viewer into a world that is both familiar and unique, inspiring both laughter and wonder.

In conclusion, When Women Had Tails is a charming and witty film that offers a fresh and hilarious perspective on ancient history. It delves into the human psyche and our natural instincts, exploring how they shape us and our society. It is a truly engaging film that entertains and enlightens like no other.

When Women Had Tails
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