5 Facts

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Find out 5 insane, but true, facts about all sorts of ridiculous and random stuff, such as the weirdest inventions ever created, mythical creatures that really exist and the best parents in the animal kingdom.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Cast: Hunter March, Tessa Netting
5 Facts

5 Facts Full Episode Guide

  • Did you know you can faint from art that's too pretty? Did you know eating too many carrots can turn you orange? Those are just some of the totally bizarre diseases from around the world!!

  • Forget night vision goggles, we've got 5 of the absolute coolest Spy Gadgets ever invented! From a fake robotic fish to a Soviet listening device in the US Embassy Seal, we've got everything you'll need to be a certified secret agent!

  • Pay attention and make sure to run in zig zags, because we've got 5 ferocious facts about Crocodiles! From ancient crocodiles in dinosaur times to orange crocs today, we've got all the facinating details on one of nature's coolest animals!

  • Shrink down and kick back, because we've got 5 eye-opening facts about ants and their amazing ecosystems! From brave ant soldiers to blue collar workers, we've got the dish on everything you need to know to consider yourself a bonafide ant expert.

  • Today we're totally twinning with secret languages, world records, and polar bears! All that and more when you learn 5 amazing facts about Twins!

  • We've got 5 totally jurassic, totally true facts about everyone's favorite extinct reptiles - Dinosaurs, Meteors, Herbivores, Velociraptors, Feathers! Watch for all of the facts you need to know about the coolest lizards ever to walk the Earth!

  • Your body has secret super powers you never knew were secretly hidden inside you! Find out what you could unlock as we check out these mind blowing feats of the human body!

  • You know the typical image you have of all those princesses you see in movies? Let it go! Because these real life princesses are way cooler! Hear all about awesome women like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Grace Kelly, Hatshepsut, Boudica, and Princess Isabella, and like this video if you learned something new.

  • Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate...facts?! Get ready to bite into a bar of knowledge as we nibble on 5 facts about Chocolate.

  • Don't go to bed before hearing these insane but totally true facts about dreams & how they work.