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The show where you create magic tricks out of things you find in the junk drawer! Learn how to put a skewer through your arm, levitate fruit, and eat spoons in the ultimate magic show.

4 Seasons, 38 Episodes
September 13, 2015
Cast: Akira Sky, Joshua Carlon
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Junk Drawer Magic Full Episode Guide

  • Today's Trick- Slicing a dollar bill... and then magically restoring it!

  • Today's Trick- Magically multiply your money! A few spare coins turn into a while bunch of change!

  • Today's Trick- A mind-reading crayon trick! Read your friend's mind with crayons!

  • Today's Trick - How to take off your nail and place it back in place.

  • Today's Trick- Who needs homework when you can learn a new card trick?!

  • Today's Trick- Stab a pen through your hand!

  • Today's Trick- Turn an old piece of paper into new cash!

  • Today's Trick- A wacky escape trick with a shoelace!

  • Today's Trick- Predict your friends card with some magical safety pins!

  • Today's Trick- A photo of a balloon, magically popped!

  • Today's Trick- A super gross trick where you eat your finger!

  • Today's Trick- Gross out your friends by making your thumb explode!

  • Today's Trick- Predict a card in your blister!

  • In this episode of Junk Drawer Magic, our hosts Akira and Walker will reveal all the secrets behind their 'Magic Shoes." Join them while they show you today's trick- Self Tying Shoe Laces, and you will never trip on loose laces again!

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