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Nina knows it all and answers viewers' tweets.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
January 12, 2018
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Know It All Nina Full Episode Guide

  • Nina is back answering all your burning questions like - why is pizza round? Why do people get armpit hair?

  • Ever wonder why penguins waddle? Or if recycling is important? Don't worry Nina has all the answers for you!

  • Nina's is here to answer life's most important questions. If the earth spins why aren't we dizzy all the time? Do Dolphin's get thirsty?

  • Know it all Nina is answering all your important Valentine's Day questions. Wanna find out who Nina's special Valentine is?

  • Nina is back and answering some hot topic questions like - what should Ariana Grande's next haircut be?! Are you #obsessed with school?

  • Nina is back and she is answering your questions because, well, she knows it everything! Click here to find out why ukeleles are so small and why Nina thinks we have thunder.

  • Know it all Nina is answering Halloween's spookiest questions like - Do ghosts have ghosts? And who invented the sneeze? Don't think sneezes are spooky?

  • Know it all Nina is back and is tackling more of your questions like which came first the color orange or the fruit orange? Or where does the light from the moon come from?

  • Know It All Nina is back answering the important life questions like - do you know who invented the selfie? How about why people yawn? Well Nina know it all does! Or at least she thinks she does.

  • Meet Nina, the girl who knows it all! She's here to answer all your burning questions - from knowing why hotdogs are called hotdogs to knowing who the coolest grandma around is.

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