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Dimwitted Gold Fang is one hungry wolf who won't be satisfied until he can sink his teeth into oh-so-juicy Billy the Goat. There's only one problem - Billy's best bud is Dutch, a clever herding dog who protects his flock of one against all of Gold Fang's outrageous schemes. No matter how elaborate the plan, Gold Fang is always outsmarted by Dutch and inevitably left covered in bumps and bruises!

Get My Goat is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Get My Goat online? Get My Goat is available for streaming on DREAMWORKSTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Get My Goat on demand at Amazon Prime online.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
Cast: Dino Andrade, Artt Butler, Dave B. Mitchell
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Get My Goat Full Episode Guide

  • Gold Fang concocts a scheme to capture Billy using his new magnet kit but finds getting the goat to eat anything metallic is harder than it looks.

  • A starving Gold Fang helps Dutch make some of his famous Howlin' Vegetarian Chili while also plotting to eat a side of goat meat- but Gold Fang's the one that gets his goose cooked

  • Gold Fang disguises himself as a dog in order to convince Dutch to let him guard Billy overnight. But once Dutch runs him through a training class, Gold Fang has second thoughts about his plan.

  • Gold Fang competes against Billy in a scintillating game of "Are You Smarter Than A Billy Goat?"

  • If Gold Fang wants to get Billy, Dutch has gotta go! And if Gold Fang can get him to chug a jug of lemonade, Dutch'll have to "go" -- right in Gold Fang's booby-trapped porta-potty!

  • Gold Fang ignores Dutch's warning about the Dread Demon Bobby and follows Billy into a haunted forest. He won't be making that mistake again!

  • Gold Fang traps Dutch and Billy on a narrow mountain trail and the boys have to outsmart the overly confident wolf. Good thing for them he doesn't have much smart to begin with!

  • Gold Fang presents Dutch with a $10 million check -- he won the grand prize! Now if Gold Fang can just get Dutch to take it to the bank, he'll be left alone with the real prize --Billy the goat!

  • Dutch teaches the goatnapping Gold Fang what a newspaper is but after some painful lessons, he'll never go near one again... no matter how exciting the headline!

  • "Dr." Gold Fang accuses Dutch of mistreating his delish... err delicate goat and attempts to take Billy back for a checkup. But the exam tables are turned when Dutch turns the unsuspecting wolf into a patient.