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Welcome to CLICKABLE! A show were we count down the top most outrageous and trendy things you can find around the internet. Clickable is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2016.Where do I stream Clickable online? Clickable is available for streaming on DreamWorksTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Clickable on demand at Amazon Prime online.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
July 11, 2016
Kids & Family, Animation & Cartoon
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Clickable Full Episode Guide

  • If any of these things describe you, you just might be ADDICTED to Snapchat!

  • Your parents might be lying to you when they say things like "Going outside with wet hair will make you catch a cold," or "Frogs can give you warts." Lies! It's all LIES!

  • This is how a meme is born, grows, becomes famous, and then dies. The meme circle of life.

  • These are AWESOME moments that only a true YouTube fan will get! What's your favorite thing about YouTube?

  • Need inspiration for your Halloween costume this year? We've got some ideas that are sure to be a treat!

  • Try these Google searches to see the INCREDIBLE results!1. Pacman, Atari Breakout2. Do a barrel roll3. Anagram4. Askew5. Flip a Coin, Roll a Die6. Bletchley Park

  • Here are even more ANNOYING comments we find in YouTube!

  • Getting better grades is EASY with these simple study hacks!

  • Snapchat is fun, but there are some little things about it that can just drive you CRAZY!

  • Stop! You're using those emoji wrong!! After this video you'll know what you really mean when you use certain emojis.

  • Most videos are awesome (like this one!) but some types of YouTube videos need to go away and stay gone forever.

  • These people on Instagram are the WORST!

  • Some of the perfectly normal stuff you do in Minecraft Would be SUPER DANGEROUS if you tried it Real Life!

  • Pokemon Go makes terrible things into awesome things! Where's the craziest Pokestop you've ever found?

  • Did you know all the crazy secret functions & easter eggs hidden around YouTube? Try these 5 awesome hacks for yourself right now!

  • Summer isn't always what you want it to be... What's YOUR Summer Vacation Expectation vs Reality?

  • What type of YouTube comment do YOU think is the most annoying?