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Action! Danger! Jimmy! And his...talking shorts? Check out tons of funny shorts including Jimmy and his talking Blue Shorts!

1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 1, 2014
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Jimmy Blue Shorts Full Episode Guide

  • Watch how true love concludes the exciting Suzy Spaceflier story and more shorts. Talking oatmeal, more Delayed Reaction Billy, and Kevin's possessed cell phone.

  • Jimmy and Suzy Spaceflier battle with a Brain Alien! Frank the Psychic Sports Fan, Sophisticated Dogs Howling, and a Two Headed Alien with an Anti-Aging Machine!

  • Jimmy meets Suzy Spaceflier, ridiculous singing instruments, Moon O's in the parking lot, and more Wonder Wally the Wall-Eyed Superhero.

  • Jimmy defeats Evil Stainless Steel, Snake Trail, Soda Can, and Portal In My Locker Dudes with Time Pig.

  • Jimmy escapes from Evil Secret Agent Stainless Steel, Vampire on a Scooter, Moon O's, Waffles Defeat The Pancakes.

  • Jimmy encounters Evil Secret Agent Stainless Steel, Wonder Wally the Wall-Eyed Superhero, and Cooking Right With Spoony Part 2.

  • Jimmy Befriends Sharks, Delayed Reaction Billy, Mr. Rainbow, Portal In My Locker Dudes.

  • Jimmy and Gold Obsessed Pirates, Balls Vs. Humans and Waffles In Pancake Jail.

  • Jimmy Vs. Angry Pirates, Ticklish Pencil, Time Machine and Discriminated Fish.

  • Jimmy and the Witches' Demise, Mechanical Bullriding and Portal In My Locker.

  • Jimmy and the Witches' Cauldron of Doom, Cooking Right With Spoony and Annoying Alien.

  • Jimmy vs. Three Ugly Witches, Waffles Battle Pancakes, and Nature Hour With Mr. Skeeto.

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