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Fifi is back for another season! Join her as she helps the neighborhood critters solve some more hysterical problems.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
September 26, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Sascha Alexander
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Fifi: Cat Therapist Full Episode Guide

  • Derek the Peacock's true love is his mirror image - because it's his own reflection! Only Dr. Fifi can rid him of this featherbrained idea.

  • Celine, an overly agreeable skunk exchange student, doesn't want to raise a stink with her host family or classmates, but Dr. Fifi might regret convincing her to get along with others!

  • Ruh Roh Rabbit

  • Lucy the moth stays in her dimly lit room all day because she's afraid she'll go snap, crackle and pop into the nearest light bulb. But Dr. Fifi's cure might work a little too well.

  • Can Dr. Fifi help Peter the porcupine gain the confidence he needs to meet a girl before his prickly exterior turns her into a pincushion?

  • Poor Amy the polar bear feels homesick even before she moves to the South Polewith her parents. Good thing Dr. Fifi has the perfect cure!

  • Paranoid mutt, Jack, is back and he thinks he was abducted by aliens... or maybe government agents!

  • Robin's been sleepflying and it's gonna take more than hypnosis to keep him from oversleeping through Mom's famous regurgitated worm omelets!

  • Fifi has some fiery advice to end the teasing David's getting from the school bullyfrog.

  • Fifi has too much fun figuring out the cause of Bobby the Bobcat's terrible dreams and pays the price!

  • Allie, the big city gator, wants to hang out with her friends under the mall, but her daddy is ordering her back home to the sewer. Fifi can help, but will Allie listen to the advice?

  • Worried baboon Gabriel has an endless series of complaints... but are any of them real?

  • David, a teen tadpole, is having crazy visions of killing and eating flies! Is he going crazy or turning into some kind of monster?

  • Super jock Robin will be flying South soon, but can he make it without Dr. Fifi's help?!

  • Nervous little Jessica Rabbit can't decide whether she's more afraid to be inside the house or outside. But she better decide fast because there's a big, bad, wolf coming!

  • Allie, a spoiled, city alligator, feels horribly guilty hunting for her food. Can Dr. Fifi cure of her of her guilty conscience? And what will happen to Fifi if she does!?

  • Poor Arvind the cobra is hearing voices in his head and it's interfering with his "fangtastic" work as a dancer. You won't believe how Fifi helps this time!

  • You'll never believe what's causing Jersey-tough, Bobby the Bobcat's panic attacks! Bada-bing, bada-boom!

  • Dr. Fifi must discover the reason that the armadillo crossed the road for a cure.

  • Dr. Fifi helps Pauly find his voice before the parrot's impressions drive her nuts!

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