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A compilation of hilarious sketch comedy bits and animated shorts. This group of kids will leave you laughing for days! OMG! is a Action & Adventure, Comedy series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2016.

OMG! is available for streaming on the DREAMWORKSTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch OMG! on demand at Amazon Prime online.

4 Seasons, 48 Episodes
January 9, 2016
Action & Adventure, Comedy
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OMG! Full Episode Guide

  • This episode features a magical flute, why we seriously love ice cream, cheerleaders causing a DIY disaster, Zen Jen losing it & the best bad news giver ever.

  • This episode feature a yearbook photo fail, cheerleaders cheering on a school election, a sassy lesson in dress code, a little kung fu training, and what happens when your robot sister gets in the same room with your crush.

  • This episode features superheroes in the lost and found, the biggest scaredy cat ever, Boy Band Billy vs. Hall C.O.P.S., and a freaky fairy.

  • This episode features a wild troll, all the things that seriously aren't fair, Boy Band Billy baking cookies, a pizza harmonica & wacky cheerleaders.

  • This episode features a lunchroom pirate, a really bad haircut, why homework is seriously silly and the ultimate basketball blunder.

  • This episode features kids disappearing, Zen Jen giving much needed advice, a kid who can't stop talking about shots, the most awkward phone call ever with Fish Stick & Honey bear, and how to make heart shaped pizza with Chef Steph.

  • This episode features a giant globe, sick cheerleaders, a brother sister showdown, a serious social media rant, and a robot who always gets her way.

  • This episode features a sneezing supervillain, a singing bed troll, the wild and crazy Gross Brothers and toilet paper fun.

  • This episodes features a creepy skeleton, how to break up like a bro, how to get out of gym class in a sassy manner, a cat with swag, and seriously good rant about meals.

  • This episode features a machine that makes you old, the most distracted detective, a boy who dances when he gets nervous, a witch who loves DIY, and a crazy chicken & egg.

  • This episode features magic tricks, a school play audition, a magical portal in a locker, cheerleaders, and advice from everyone's favorite yogi - Zen Jen.

  • This episode features a bomb backyard battle, a chicken pox problem, and back-to-school school fashion fails.

  • This episode features girls getting locked in the janitor's closet, our favorite cheerleaders intruding on a first date, the best Panda faces, and SERIOUSLY with Ryan and Rachel.

  • This episode features humongous ants, a guide to surviving your mean older brother, the best Hall Cops ever, Zen Jen's crazy advice and a puppy!

  • This episode features an intense mission, a drill sergeant running a bake sale, an exploding chicken, a lesson in dancing, and what happens when your crush bumps into you.

  • This episode features the ultimate rap battle, wild hamsters, a secret spy, and a witch who loves to craft.

  • This episode features a dare competition, cheerleaders helping a friend study, Puss in Boots, inventive nicknames, and how to prepare for your school dance.

  • This episode features a creepy kid, what's seriously wrong with errands, cheerleaders crashing the school news & the most unfair debate ever.

  • This episode features a wily leprechaun, the grossest brothers on earth, how to survive your mean older sibling, crazy hamsters and Zen Jen's awful advice.

  • This episode features a dance party, a nosy boy who sits too close, how to dance like an Ogre, what cheerleaders do in detention, and how a Drill Sergeant cleans a locker.

  • This episode features a magical body swapping app, a distracted detective, the ultimate fairy granting loads of ice cream and everything you needed to know about Genghis Khan - in a song!

  • This episode features monsters coming out of a TV, cheerleaders babysitting, how to impress your crush in the sassiest manner possible, going green with Shrek, and zen Jen answering all your important questions.

  • This episode features a crazy doctor, the grossest brothers ever, a wild class presentation, everything bad about bedtime and the gossip grapevine.