5th Demention: Secrets of the Supernatural

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Paranormal activity has always drawn the curiosity of even the most skeptical minds. That mysticism depends on faith that such events are beyond the realm of science. From ghosts to telekinesis, 5th Dimension examines these bizarre occurrences through the lens of science. Many of these happenstances can be discredited, but perhaps there are still phenomena that cannot be explained.

XiveTV Documentaries
1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 26, 2012
5th Demention: Secrets of the Supernatural

5th Demention: Secrets of the Supernatural Full Episode Guide

  • Is telepathy a unique weapon of war? Science tells us no, but throughout history, military powers have used psychic spies to gather key information about their enemies.

  • When we are on the brink of death, what is waiting for us? Life on fast-forward? Light at the end of the tunnel? A sense of peace? These could just be a concoction of chemicals released by the brain, but some believe they are a peek into the afterlife.

  • Throughout the world, some people claim they can move objects with their minds. Is the human consciousness so powerful that this could be possible? See footage that steps out of the bounds of physics and reality.

  • People hearing voices, feeling strange presences, and even seeing ghastly apparitions. Do beings exist from beyond the grave? Or can modern day psychologists provide a scientific explanation? One case seems to stump even the brightest minds.

  • The family of Anneliese Michel was convinced that she was possessed by demons, which lead to her ultimate death at age 23. Were supernatural powers at work, or was she simply a victim of Epilepsy?