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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (2,238)

Supernatural: The Animation is a Japanese anime series developed by Warner Bros. Japan, based on the popular live-action TV show titled Supernatural. The original show was created by Eric Kripke and has been broadcasted since 2005 in the United States of America. The anime adaptation premiered in Japan in February 2011, and it features most of the main characters from the original series, portrayed in anime-style animation.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who played the on-screen Winchester brothers in the live-action Supernatural series, reprise their roles in the animated adaptation as Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively. Jared Padalecki's character, Sam Winchester, is a young and ambitious hunter who is also in pursuit of revenge. On the other hand, Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles, is a witty and sarcastic hunter who is the older brother of Sam.

The anime adaptation of the series takes on a different art style from the live-action version as it uses anime-style' animation to convey the storylines that were already established in the original show. The anime was produced for a Japanese audience, and it successfully preserved many of the elements from the original while giving it an anime flair. The anime version tried to replicate the same level of grittiness and horror aspects that we saw in the live-action version of the series, but in a more stylized manner.

The series largely follows the same plot as the original show, with each episode following the Winchester brothers as they hunt various supernatural beings such as ghosts, demons, and monsters. The overarching narrative remains consistent throughout, where the brothers search for a way to defeat the demon that killed their mother decades ago. Along the way, they also tackle various other supernatural threats that put them at odds against the agents of Heaven and Hell.

Apart from Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the anime series also features other familiar faces from the original show. Misha Collins reprises his role as the Angel of the Lord, Castiel, while Mark Sheppard portrays the demon Crowley. Samantha Ferris also returns to voice Ellen Harvelle, the owner of a hunter bar called The Roadhouse, and Jim Beaver voices the Winchester's friend, Bobby Singer.

The anime adaptation also includes characters that were not featured in the original series. Cindy Sampson voices Lisa Braeden, a romantic interest of Dean Winchester, Mark Pellegrino is the voice for Lucifer, one of the four Archangels, and Kurt Fuller voices an original character named Zachariah, an agent of Heaven.

Throughout the series, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and the rest of the cast delivered excellent performances, which made the characters feel like their live-action counterparts. The show's animation also stood out as it encapsulated the style and atmosphere of the original series, with each episode boasting of impressive action sequences and dark, suspenseful motifs.

Supernatural: The Animation closely follows the plot of the original series, with some minor alterations and additional elements that were exclusive to the anime adaptation. It also features stand-alone episodes that have no relation to the overarching plot. These stand-alone episodes were often used to explore different areas of the Supernatural universe while giving fans of the series a chance to see familiar characters in self-contained stories.

Overall, Supernatural: The Animation was a solid adaptation of the live-action series, which effectively captured the essence and mood of the original while offering fans a new visual perspective on their favorite characters. Though it didn't enjoy the same levels of attention that the live-action series did, it still proved to be a thrilling watch for fans of the Supernatural franchise, who were looking for more content from the world of the Winchester brothers.

Supernatural: The Animation is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on July 26, 2011.

Supernatural: The Animation
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All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
22. All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #22. In a surprise ending, Jake stabs Sam and kills him. Devastated by grief, Dean makes a deal with the crossroad demon to bring Sam back; as a trade-off, Dean gets one more year to live, after that -- his soul is toast. Sam is resurrected but more crap is on the horizon. The yellow-eyed-demon is trying to get Jake open the Hell's Gate. There is only one way out now.... And the boys need their father's help...
All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1
21. All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #21. Demonic omens are becoming more and more frequent. Sam wakes up to find himself in a ghost town with other psychics: Lily, Jake, Andy, Eva. They soon realize that they are similar; they all have powers. They all vow to help each other stay alive, but someone is killing them one by one. Sam finds out that Eva has been here for a while, and she's been killing all other psychics' kids. Sam persuades Jake to fight together against the yellow-eyed-demon, but he's conflicted, the yellow-eyed-demon told him he'd make sure Jake's family was happy if he joined him. If he's not on board, his family will all suffer and die. Sam and Jake fight and Sam almost wins, but doesn't finish him off...
What Is and What Should Never Be
20. What Is and What Should Never Be
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #20. Dean wakes up one day in a totally different world. His mother Mary is alive, he is married to a fine woman, and Sam is engaged to Jessica. Dean soon realizes he's been captured by a Djinn, who is slowly bleeding him dry. Dean is tempted to stay in the way life should have been...
19. Loser
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode. In Afghanistan, Jake, a foot soldier was always being made fun of. However, when the troops faced destruction, he exercised his superpower to help his fellow soldiers and evacuated them from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Sam sees another premonition. He suspects that the yellow-eyed-demon plans to kill Jake's family and drag him into the dark side. A little later, Jake comes back to his home town from the battlefield. Jake is filled with fury and the yellow-eyed-demon seduces Jake to use his power... Will Jake have the strength to fight him?
18. Crossroad
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #8"CROSSROAD". An architect commits suicide, leaving behind a message "I will be killed by a black dog". Sam and Dean followed a clue that some other successful people had died in the similar way as the architect within a year, and find out that those people had all bargained with "the crossroad demon". They get whatever they wished for, but as the trade-off, they are eventually hunted down by a hellhound and dragged to hell. Sam and Dean locate Evan, he bargained with the demon to save his wife's life from a terminal illness. While Sam protects Evan from hellhounds, Dean negotiates with the crossroad demon, setting it up in a devil's trap and making a deal to save Evan's life.
Rising Son
17. Rising Son
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode, inspired by a comic book with the same titleDean visited Missouri because he struggled with the true meaning of John's last words... "Save Sam, or kill him". Some old photos remind Dean of Mrs. Lyle, who was Sam's teacher. He remembers how he and his father saved Sam, despite what his future held. Dean again makes up his mind to protect Sam from any harm.
In My Time of Dying
16. In My Time of Dying
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season2 episode #1 "IN MY TIME OF DYING". Sam, Dean and John were badly hurt in the battle with the demons and are taken to the hospital. Sam and John recover, but Dean remains unconscious. Dean's soul wanders in the hospital as a ghost and meets a Reaper. The Reaper tells him he has a choice of dying peacefully and leaving everything behind, or staying a ghost. John makes a decision to save Dean by bargaining with yellow-eyed-demon and giving his own life and the Colt in exchange. The-yellow-eyed demon accepts John's offer and Dean revives. Then after whispering his last words... John passes away.
Devil's Trap
15. Devil's Trap
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 1 episode #22 "DEVIL'S TRAP". With their hands on the Colt, everything else should be easy, right? Wrong. John gets trapped by Terry, an evil demon, and the boys have no choice other than to run. Once they are away in a safe place, Sam and Dean receive a call from Terry saying that she has killed John. But Terry overcomes possession one half moment and tells them that John is still alive and also tells them where he is trapped. They find John and rescue him, but he is possessed by the yellow-eyed-demon. John, begs Sam to shoot him. But Sam can't do it, and the yellow-eyed-demon escapes.
14. Reunion
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 1 episode #20 "DEAD MAN'S BLOOD". Sam and Dean are finally reunited with their father. But happy endings aren't in their family's future. John tells them about "The Colt", a gun that can kill anything. And right now it's in the wrong hands. The three Winchesters search for the gun only to find that Gayle, a vampire previously seen in Anime Episode #5, has it. And worse, Gayle is now possessed by a demon. No one was even sure this could happen! The Winchesters band together. But John insists on confronting the yellow-eyed demon by himself....
What Lives in the Lake
13. What Lives in the Lake
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode. When the Impala breaks down in Louisiana the boys learn the town has been suffering from a series of demonic omens and accidents. But in each incident, no one is actually hurt or maimed. Sam concludes that the creature is a harmless, friendly creature that lives in the lake, sometimes referred to as "Kappa" in Japan; It helps humans in return for taking a little bit of a food from them. In the end it turns out that it all was much ado about nothing and had nothing to do with demon. Even Sam and Dean sometimes make mistakes....
Darkness Calling
12. Darkness Calling
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode. Drawn to a town lighting up with demonic signs, John meets Lily, a girl whose mother died in a fire years ago much like the one that killed Mary. John learns Lily has a fatal gift; if she touches someone they die. Convinced that the yellow-eyed-demon will soon appear John sets to watch Lily's every move. But the yellow-eyed-demon proves to be a powerful foe, leaving tragedy in his wake.
11. Nightmare
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #17 "HEART". Sam's premonitions are getting stronger. After a man dies Sam and Dean visit the family and meet Max, the man's son. Though Max claims his family was happy Sam and Dean have their doubts. It also becomes clear that Max harbors not only anger against his family, but he's also imbued with psychic powers - similar to Sam. After his Max's father killed Max's dog, his anger bubbled over and max committed his first murder. Can Sam stop Max from killing again?
Moon Light
10. Moon Light
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #17 "HEART". A spate of wild dog attacks draws Sam and Dean's attention. Sam and Dean suspect that it has something to do with a werewolf. They visit Madison, a friend of one of the victims thinking she may be the next victim. However, Madison isn't the next victim, she's the werewolf. Sam vows to save her. Based on folklore they believe if they hunt and kill the werewolf that bit her, Madison will be saved. And for one cloudy, rainy night she is saved. But the next -- she begins to turn. As the moon rises she begs Sam to put her out of her misery. What will Sam do?
Diety of Vegas
9. Diety of Vegas
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode. Lady luck? Not really. Sam and Dean stop by Las Vegas for a little fun and relaxation -- plus to try their hand at the tables. But bad luck soon befalls Dean, and there is some strange guy following him. A strange coin Dean won is the reason for his bad luck. And that guy who is following him? Turns out he's the Japanese god and the harbinger of it all. Whoever holds the coin has bad luck. Now Dean just has to find someone who deserves it bad luck more than him...
Everlasting Love
8. Everlasting Love
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode.Sam and Dean investigate a serial murder case and learn that since the 1960's similar murders have been repeated every 15 years. They meet Dr. Richard, the widower and Richard's young and beautiful second wife, Michelle. More attacks occur. The boys become suspicious of Richard and uncover the mystery; Richard couldn't accept the death of his wife Abigail, so he brought her ghost back to life, resurrecting her body with the organs of murdered women. But the organs only lasted 15 years...
Temptation of Demon
7. Temptation of Demon
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode.Sam and Dean reunite with their old friend Bobby. As they track down clues to John's whereabouts they find out that a buddy from John's Marine days has been murdered in a strange fashion. Further investigation leads them to meet a woman who may have made a deal where she's getting more than she bargained for - Did John's friend meet the same demise? Are Sam and Dean finally close to tracking down Mary's killer? Yellow-eyes rear his well-coiffed head, and nothing ever will be the same.
Till Death Do Us Part
6. Till Death Do Us Part
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode. Going back in time we revisit the first time Sam meets Jessica, and learn the secret she shared with her childhood friends. Now that secret is coming back to kill them. Can Sam save the girls by himself? Drawn to stories of the strange deaths at Stanford, John and Dean are right around the corner -- literally. We finally get a glimpse into the lives of Jessica and Sam. But three years later, Sam is still standing in front of Jessica's grave.
Savage Blood
5. Savage Blood
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode.In a small town in Colorado, Sam and Dean investigate a series of cattle mutilations, the beasts have been drained of their blood. They run across Jason, a hunter who specializes in vampires, but wonder why he's in town. Dean takes a shine to a whimpy kid, Ryan. But the kid and his father are hiding something. It's revealed Jason is in town to kill them. They're both vampires who have sworn off killing humans. Can Sam and Dean save two monsters that they are trained to hunt and gank?!
Ghost on the Highway
4. Ghost on the Highway
July 26, 2011
This is an anime-original episode.While driving through New Orleans, the Winchester boys are stopped by the police and arrested. It seems there have been a series of accidents caused by an Impala -- and the police think they're the perps! Sam and Dean must hunt for the last vestiges of the ghost to salt and burn. It's just too bad an Impala had to go too!
3. Home
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 1 episode #9 "HOME". Following what Sam has seen as a vision, Sam and Dean visit their childhood home in Lawrence Kansas. Sam and Dean discover an unseen force is terrorizing the current residents of their house, a mother and her two children. Convinced that something evil is in their old house, Sam insists on staking it out to make sure the family stays safe. It doesn't take long for things to turn deadly. An unexpected entity saves the boys and family... a spirit very close to Sam and Dean.
Road Kill
2. Road Kill
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 2 episode #16 "ROAD KILL". Sam and Dean investigate a series of strange accidents on a mountain road. They come across Molly who insists she and her husband just crashed their car, problem is her husband and the car are missing!! Dean and Sam keep Molly close as they find and burn the bones of the suspected ghost causing the accidents. But not everything is as it seems... including Molly.
The Alter Ego
1. The Alter Ego
July 26, 2011
This is a remake of the live-action Season 1 episode #6 "SKIN". During the search for their father, Sam and Dean investigate a small town where a series of strange murders have occurred. They soon discover the murders have been committed by a Shapeshifter, a monster who sheds his skin and can appear as anyone. Sam and Dean separately go to search the town but when Dean meets back up with Sam he becomes suspicious of his "brother's" true identity too -- Why isn't Sam mad that he called him "Sammy"? Turns out the Shapeshifter has taken over Sam!!
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    July 26, 2011
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    7.4  (2,238)