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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

A Life In Proximity is a one-of-a-kind show from Outside TV Features that chronicles the lives of legendary surfers Kelly Slater and John John Florence as they embark on a new journey. The show offers a unique perspective into the lives of these two surfers who share a deep and passionate love for the ocean.

This show beautifully captures the essence of their friendship as they travel around the world looking for the perfect wave. The show’s camera captures every single moment of their lives, from the most intimate moments to the most epic waves ever surfed.

In each of the episodes, the show’s hosts take you on a thrilling journey to some of the most remote and breathtaking surf spots across the globe. The series offers an intimate look at some of the biggest names in the surf world, as well as the profound relationships that are forged when one experiences the true power of the ocean.

Throughout the show, audiences get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes lives of Kelly Slater and John John Florence. We see Slater’s scientific approach to surfing and his deep connection with the ocean, while John John shares his techniques for pushing the limits of surfing and staying focused on his passion at all costs.

The show not only tells the story of these two surfers, but also highlights the importance of conservation efforts for our oceans. The hosts use their platform to promote awareness of the impact of plastic pollution, habitat destruction and other ecological issues that threaten our planet.

A Life In Proximity is truly a one-of-a-kind show that stands out from the rest. It offers a unique vision of what can be possible for those who are passionate about surfing and conservation. Each episode provides a stunning glimpse into the power of nature, as well as the resilience and determination of the human spirit.

This show offers viewers an opportunity to see the world from a completely new perspective. It will change the way we think about surfing and the ways in which we interact with the world. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this truly inspiring adventure!

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Unknown Atolls
8. Unknown Atolls
December 7, 2017
In the warm waters of the Central Pacific a little known atoll has drawn surfing's greatest competitor Kelly Slater and the heir apparent of competitive surfing John John Florence to ride perfect waves in warm, crystal blue water.
Brain Freeze
7. Brain Freeze
November 30, 2017
Continuing to find great surf in Chile, the Proximity team surfing only in the sun and looking to capture bad weather, sets out to Japan, where the snow and ice filled waters challenge Rob Machado and Craig Anderson like to no wave could.
Down the Rabbit Hole
6. Down the Rabbit Hole
November 23, 2017
Struggling with a violent ocean and bad weather, surfing legends Rob Machado and Craig Anderson continue their search for big powerful waves and epic cold weather surfing on Chile's southern coast.
Land of 1,000 Points
5. Land of 1,000 Points
November 16, 2017
Looking for waves in one of the most inhospitable places on earth surfing luminary Rob Machado and his current day counterpart Craig Anderson have come to Chile to brave the currents and frigid waters of this desolate region of the world.
Desert Hideaway
4. Desert Hideaway
November 9, 2017
On the west coast of Baja surfing icons Stephanie Gilmore and Dave Rastovich have come to ride long barreling point breaks and at the peak of the swell they are poised to find what they have been looking for.
Baja Surf Safari
3. Baja Surf Safari
November 2, 2017
Exploring the unmarked coastline of Baja, 6-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore and free-surfing pioneer Dave Rastovich travel Highway 1, looking for the endless point breaks Mexico is known for.
Blood Eagle
2. Blood Eagle
August 15, 2017
On the rugged coast of Scotland big wave surfers Albee Layer and Shane Dorian have found a barreling wave that tests two of the worlds best, with each wave having the potential for disaster.
The Journey Begins
1. The Journey Begins
August 11, 2017
Looking for the heaviest waves possible big wave surfers Shane Dorian and Albee layer explore the north coast of Scotland looking for dangerous slab waves along the ancient Scottish coastline.
  • Premiere Date
    August 11, 2017