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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Generation Strong is an inspiring and informative show that takes a closer look at various ways young people are pushing themselves to be stronger, healthier, and more resilient than ever before. From extreme sports to fitness challenges, Generation Strong follows individuals who are determined to overcome challenges and obstacles in order to reach their full potential.

Each episode of Generation Strong follows a different athlete or fitness enthusiast as they work towards their goals. Viewers get a glimpse into their training routines, diets, and mental preparation for the challenges they will face. While some of the athletes are professional or sponsored, many are just regular people who have found a passion for a particular sport or fitness regime.

One of the primary themes of Generation Strong is pushing the limits of what is possible. Whether it's a climber tackling a near-impossible rock face or a CrossFit athlete completing an intense workout, the show highlights the incredible physical and mental strength that these young people possess. In doing so, it encourages viewers to consider their own limits and how they can push themselves to be stronger and more resilient.

Another theme that emerges in Generation Strong is the importance of community and support systems. Many of the athletes on the show have found a group of like-minded individuals who encourage and push them to be their best selves. Whether it's a gym community, a climbing partner, or a group of competitive swimmers, the show highlights the importance of having others to lean on during challenging moments.

One standout episode of Generation Strong features a group of young adaptive athletes who are competing in a Paralympic Triathlon. The episode highlights the incredible determination and resilience of these athletes, who have overcome significant physical challenges to compete at the highest level. By showcasing their stories, Generation Strong sheds light on the important role that adaptive sports play in promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers for individuals with disabilities.

Overall, Generation Strong is an inspiring and uplifting show that encourages viewers to push the limits of what they believe is possible. By highlighting the incredible strength and resilience of young athletes from a range of backgrounds, the show inspires viewers to take on their own challenges and pursue their own passions. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, Generation Strong offers something for everyone.

Generation Strong is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2019.

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CJ Hobgood
4. CJ Hobgood
July 22, 2019
CJ Hobgood gave us 16 strong years on the Surfing World Tour and one championship. He hung up his jersey in 2015 to the dismay of fans around the world in an effort to concentrate more on family life and eating and surfing his way around the world.
The Flier
3. The Flier
May 27, 2019
40 year old Utah native, family man and father of two, Marshall Miller's life has evolved dramatically from being a successful real estate developer to becoming a full-time sky diver and base jumper. Marshall takes his father and friends on an unforgettable adventure through Utah back to where his Dad used to take him as a child.
The Stewards
2. The Stewards
March 18, 2019
Matt Shilling, Oliver White and Matt Breuer are the founders and directors of Indifly, a non-profit that helps indigenous communities preserve local fisheries, this time at the Pyramid Lake Reservation in Nevada with the Paiute Indian tribe.
JT Van Zandt
1. JT Van Zandt
January 8, 2019
JT Van Zandt was born and raised in Texas and is the son of legendary musician and songwriter Townes Van Zandt. Charting a course of his own and following his passion JT makes his living building wooden skiffs by hand and guiding on the same waters he grew up fishing with his dad.
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Generation Strong is available for streaming on the Outside TV Features website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Generation Strong on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    January 8, 2019