Abbott & Costello Colgate Comedy Hour

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One of the earliest hits on television was the "Colgate Comedy Hour," which was hosted by a rotating group of hosts that included Martin & Lewis, Eddie Cantor and Abbott & Costello. The shows were done live from NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles and featured the hottest singers and entertainers of the day.

Abbott & Costello's segments on the show weren't all that different than what you would see the duo perform in a full-length movie. And that was a problem for the two comedy veterans, who left the show after three years because they felt that they had used up all their best material.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
September 10, 1950
Classic, Comedy
Cast: Eddie Cantor
Abbott & Costello Colgate Comedy Hour

Abbott & Costello Colgate Comedy Hour Full Episode Guide

  • Bud and Lou host as Peggy Lee sings "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" and "Johnny Guitar," while Sauter & Finegan perform "Midnight Sleigh Ride."

  • Bud takes Lou to France for singing lessons, and they do their "Baccigalupe" routine. Ballet dancer Vera Zorina and Broadway star Tony Bavaar perform.

  • Abbott & Costello do several of their routines with their usual supporting players, while playing host to screen great Charles Laughton.

  • Abbott & Costello host a mock Inaugural Ball for President Eisenhower, with a hilarious recital by Victor Borge sending up outgoing President Truman.

  • Bud and Lou tangle with the government of "Bolomania," as Lou bears a resemblance to the nation's leader. Rhonda Fleming and Jane Russell guest star.

  • In this holiday-themed episode, Lou sings "White Christmas," and Bud joins him for their "Scalp Treatment" and "Return the Christmas Gifts" routines.

  • Bud and Lou face confusion in the maternity ward. Les Paul and Mary Ford perform "No Place Like Home," "I Really Don't Want to Know" and "Tiger Rag."

  • This episode's theme, getting into the Army by mistake, is reminiscent of the duo's film Buck Privates. Louis Armstrong plays "Basin Street Blues."

  • Abbott & Costello take the train to Broadway to appear in Lizabeth Scott's new play. En route, Gisele McKenzie sings "Just One of Those Things."

  • Bud and Lou celebrate the opening of Abbott & Costello Go to Mars. Teresa Brewer sings "Till I Waltz Again with You" and "Dancing with Someone."

  • Lou plans to marry Gale Storm, but must prove himself to her father; Phil Regan sings "I Only Have Eyes for You"; and Bud helps Lou "play" the piano.

  • Bud and Lou are offered a job on Cabot's dude ranch. On the way, they encounter Errol Flynn. Rhonda Fleming and Bruce Cabot also guest star.

  • Abbott & Costello make their television debut in this episode, which features guest stars singer Evelyn Knight and actor/dancer Hal Le Roy.

  • Abbott & Costello re-create some of their famous skits, including "Who's on First?" and "The Haunted Candle," as well as a play on the opera "Carmen."