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  • 2009
  • 1 Season

Absinthe Films: Optimistic is a thrilling snowboarding film that showcases the skills of the most talented snowboarders in the world. The film is directed by Patrick Armbruster and Justin Hostynek and produced by Absinthe Films. It features riders such as Nicolas Müller, Frank April, Blair Habenicht, Brandon Cocard, and more, as they snowboard across some of the most difficult terrains on the planet.

The movie has a running time of about 60 minutes and is rated PG13. It is filmed around the world, with locations ranging from the frosty mountains of Canada to the high peaks of the Alps. The film also features footage from competitions such as the Air + Style event in Los Angeles and the FWT in Hakuba, Japan.

One of the main features of Absinthe Films: Optimistic is its focus on the snowboarding culture. The movie not only showcases the riders' technical abilities but also their personalities and lifestyles. The filming style is very intimate, with close-up shots and slow-motion sequences that highlight the movements of the boarders, making the action feel more real.

The music also plays a significant role in the film, with a soundtrack that mixes electronic and rock music. The songs reflect the energy and spirit of the sport and complement the adrenaline-filled sequences.

The movie is divided into different segments, each showcasing the talents of the different riders. The opening segment features Nicolas Müller as he snowboards down a mountain in Canada, while the second segment highlights the skills of Bode Merrill, as he explores the backcountry in Utah.

The middle part of the movie is a montage of clips from different events and competitions, giving viewers a glimpse of the variety of skills and styles in the snowboarding community. The segment features riders such as Blair Habenicht, Frank April, Brandon Cocard, and more.

The final segment is an epic four-minute sequence that showcases the best moments from the team’s journey around the world. The segment features the riders conquering some of the most challenging terrains, with shots of them flying through the air, performing complex tricks, and landing perfectly. The sequence is set to a powerful soundtrack that builds the excitement and captures the intensity of the moment.

Overall, Absinthe Films: Optimistic is a stunning snowboarding movie that celebrates the thrill of the sport and showcases the talents of some of the best riders in the world. The film is beautifully shot, with breathtaking locations and stunning action sequences that are sure to inspire and excite audiences. Absinthe Films has once again produced a masterpiece of snowboarding cinematography that will be enjoyed by fans of the sport for years to come.

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1. Optimistic?
December 7, 2009
In the first winter to show the undeniable effects of global warming, Absinthe films has explored the effects of a changing planet. For those who live to snowboard, these changes can be perceived as impossible challenges or creative opportunities. Absinthe reconfirms its ability to find the best conditions when the rest have given up or resigned themselves to the park. Following fifteen individuals through their interpretation of this winter, Absinthe forges another unforgettable snowboard film with it's newest release. Optimistic? Featuring Marc Frank Montoya, Romain De Marchi, Danny Davis, Wolle Nyvelt, Justin Bennee, Marco Feichtner, Jules Reymond, Matt Beardmore, Nicolas Müller, Kurt Wastell, Hans Ahlund, Mikey LeBlanc, Nicolas Droz, Sylvain Bourbousson, Gigi Rüf, Erik Christensen, Phil Damianakes, Annie Boulanger
  • Premiere Date
    December 7, 2009