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From the revival in Judah under King Hezekiah to the Protestant Reformation, God has often shone His light in overwhelming darkness. In the spring of 2015, Ligonier's National Conference in Orlando recognized the need for God to revive the light of His truth in our churches and culture. Despite attack on every front, He will hear our cry and revive us to again rejoice in Him and in His truth.

Ligonier Ministries
1 Season, 17 Episodes
February 21, 2015
Cast: R.C. Sproul, Alistair Begg
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After Darkness, Light: 2015 National Conference Full Episode Guide

  • In this optional session, Dr. Steven J. Lawson traces the daring mission of William Tyndale, a man used by God to ignite the English Reformation. This calling ultimately cost Tyndale his life.

  • In this optional session, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson highlights his teaching series, Lessons From the Upper Room, which unpacks the rich themes of John 13-17 and reminds us of the centrality of Christ in all of life.

  • Only a biblical view of God's holiness gives us a right understanding of ourselves and the hope of the gospel. In the final part of this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul affirms that rightly understanding the holiness of God causes us to repent and trust in Christ. As God's people come to know Him, He creates in them a zeal for Christ and a boldness to proclaim Him as a Savior who rescues from sin.

  • In the darkness of this present age, the weak are seen as useless, but the light of God's Word reveals that all life is precious and the voiceless are special objects of God's attention. In the eleventh part of this series, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson identifies our Creator's delight in life and calls us to protect the unborn, widows, the elderly, the infirm, the suffering, and the lonely.

  • The Apostle John warns us against loving the world, and all believers must fight their human inclinations to set their hearts on its pleasures. In the tenth part of this series, Rev. Kevin DeYoung describes how we must identify our sin of desiring the world to enjoy creation appropriately and view it as an arena of God's glory.

  • Scripture describes the church as the body of Christ-that entity through which God proclaims His gospel to the world. Yet in the ninth part of this series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey shows how this magnificent calling is often neglected for sales pitches that fill seats. Only a clear proclamation of the gospel message by the body of Christ will revive the church and bring light to the nations.

  • In a habitual undermining of God's law and a casual view of sin, the world refuses to acknowledge their enslavement to darkness and deep rebellion against their Creator. In the sixth part of this series, Dr. Russell Moore points us to the true glory of a gospel which shines through the wretchedness of sin and points to the riches of divine grace.

  • In the third part of this series, Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Russell Moore, and R.C. Sproul answer questions on topics such as why Adam sinned, the importance of creeds and confessions in the church, how we can know if worship music is pleasing to God, and more.

  • Tim Challies, Dr. Peter Jones, and Dr. Rosaria Butterfield join Lee Webb in the final part of this pre-conference series to further discuss their previous messages.

  • Many think paganism is dead, but its ideas affect us deeply to the present day. In the third part of this pre-conference series, Dr. Peter Jones points out areas in which pagan thought defines the world's thinking, and how Christians can guard against that influence. He also examines ways in which Christians can strive to renew their minds and live as children of God among a twisted generation.

  • Technology makes information more accessible every day, and new challenges arise as Christian singles, couples, and families seek to maintain purity. In the first part of this pre-conference series, Tim Challies calls Christians to guard their hearts, and examines habits and tools to that end. He also explains the need for heart change and repentance in the fight against sin.

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