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Luther and the Reformation from Ligonier Ministries is a powerful and informative docudrama about one of the most pivotal moments in Christian history. Starring R.C. Sproul, this compelling series takes viewers on a journey through the life and teachings of Martin Luther, exploring not only his own transformation but also the impact he had on the church and spirituality as a whole.

The series opens with an introduction to Luther's life, highlighting his upbringing as the son of a miner and his decision to join the Augustinian order as a young man. Through interviews with theologians and historians, as well as dramatic reenactments featuring historically accurate costumes and settings, viewers gain a deeper understanding of Luther's early struggles with the church and his eventual decision to challenge its authority.

As the series progresses, viewers witness the evolution of Luther's beliefs and the growing momentum of the Reformation movement. This includes his famous 95 Theses, which he posted on the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg in 1517, and his subsequent confrontations with church leaders and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Throughout the series, Sproul provides insightful commentary on Luther's teachings, including his emphasis on salvation by faith alone, the priesthood of all believers, and the importance of scripture as the ultimate authority. Sproul's expertise as a theologian and historian is evident in his ability to provide a cohesive and detailed understanding of the Reformation's impact on Christianity, both historically and spiritually.

In addition to Luther's own story, the series explores the impact of the Reformation on art, music, and the broader cultural landscape of Europe. Viewers are introduced to key figures in the movement such as John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and William Tyndale, who played important roles in shaping the theological and philosophical underpinnings of the Reformation.

The series also explores the darker aspects of the Reformation, including the violence and persecution that occurred in the wake of the movement's spread. Through candid interviews with experts, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the complex social and political factors that contributed to this violence, and the ways in which it was used to suppress dissent and uphold religious authority.

Despite the sweeping scope of the Reformation's impact, the series ultimately centers on the profound spiritual transformation that Luther experienced, and the ways in which his teachings continue to shape the lives of believers today. Through Sproul's engaging commentary and the vivid reenactments of key events, viewers are transported back in time to witness the birth of one of Christianity's most transformative and influential movements.

In conclusion, Luther and the Reformation from Ligonier Ministries is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of Christianity, the Reformation, or the life and teachings of Martin Luther. Featuring stunning visuals, insightful commentary, and compelling dramatizations, this powerful series is a rich and enlightening exploration of a pivotal moment in human history.

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Rome's Objections Answered
10. Rome's Objections Answered
November 21, 2011
The Roman Catholic Church did not ignore the protests of Martin Luther. In the final part of this series, R.C. Sproul explains and then responds to Rome's objections and counter-protests.
Protestant View of Justification
9. Protestant View of Justification
November 21, 2011
Jesus Christ changed the course of human history in more signifcant ways than Martin Luther. In the ninth part of this series, R.C. Sproul helps us understand what Luther discovered about the life and death of Jesus, and why this is truly good news.
Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 2)
8. Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 2)
November 21, 2011
Are Protestants "accursed"? How deep is their divide with the Roman Catholic Church? In the eighth part of this series, R.C. Sproul continues his examination of Rome's beliefs and the Protestant understanding of faith.
Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 1)
7. Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 1)
November 21, 2011
What do Protestants "protest"? In the seventh part of this series, R.C. Sproul begins to examine the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church with a particular focus on the doctrine of justification.
Progress to Worms
6. Progress to Worms
November 21, 2011
"Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me." In the sixth part of this series, R.C. Sproul describes Martin Luther's heroic boldness and explains what led him to declare those famous words.
Indulgence Controversy
5. Indulgence Controversy
November 21, 2011
Who was Johannes Tetzel? In the fifth part of this series, R.C. Sproul discusses Tetzel's marketing techniques and the watershed moment from which the Protestant Reformation would flow.
Building St. Peters
4. Building St. Peters
November 21, 2011
The church is comprised of sinful men and women. This reality was clearly seen in the sixteenth century. In the fourth part of this series, R.C. Sproul describes what Luther witnessed in the Roman Catholic Church and his subsequent protests.
Tower Experience
3. Tower Experience
November 21, 2011
Martin Luther opened a book and his life was changed. In the third part of this series, R.C. Sproul explains what Luther discovered as he studied the words of the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans.
Monastery & Rome Crisis
2. Monastery & Rome Crisis
November 21, 2011
What does it mean to be "holy"? This is a question Martin Luther wrestled with. In the second part of this series, R.C. Sproul recounts Luther's struggle to reconcile his guilt with his understanding of the holiness of God.
Luther & the Lightning Bolt
1. Luther & the Lightning Bolt
November 21, 2011
Protestants around the world today celebrate their distinction from the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, how many actually know the history behind their separation? In the first part of this series, R.C. Sproul introduces the man who challenged the status quo and sparked a flame of change that still burns today.