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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

American Rehab: Detroit was a home improvement and renovation show that aired on the DIY Network in 2014. The premise of the show was to follow a group of four experts as they worked together to restore and revitalize abandoned homes in some of the city's most depressed neighborhoods. The show aimed to help restore rundown properties, create affordable housing options for low-income families, boost the city's economy by creating job opportunities, and promote community involvement.

The show was hosted by Nicole Curtis, who is a professional home rehabber and designer. She was joined by three other experts, who were all Detroit natives with experience in various aspects of home renovation: Keith Orr, a licensed contractor; William 'Billy' White Jr., a local artist and designer; and Barbara Pickens, a real estate agent and property manager. Together, they represented a diverse and talented team of professionals with a passion for making a difference in their city.

Each episode of American Rehab: Detroit followed the team as they tackled a new project. They scouted out homes in need of major renovations, assessed their condition and potential, and brainstormed designs and plans to bring them back to life. They worked within a tight budget, using creative solutions and finding repurposed materials to keep costs down. The team also collaborated with local volunteers and organizations to help with tasks like demolition and landscaping, and to engage with the local community and garner support for their efforts.

The show placed a strong emphasis on the importance of preserving Detroit's unique architectural heritage. Many of the homes featured were historic buildings with original features and details that required careful restoration. The team worked hard to maintain the integrity of these structures, while also incorporating modern amenities and design elements to make them functional and attractive living spaces.

One of the most compelling aspects of American Rehab: Detroit was its documentary-style approach. The show did not shy away from addressing the serious issues facing Detroit, including poverty, crime, and community disinvestment. It highlighted the personal stories of individual families and homeowners who had been affected by these issues, and who were desperate for affordable and safe housing. The show demonstrated how the work of the team was helping to make a tangible difference in the lives of these individuals and their communities.

Overall, American Rehab: Detroit was a powerful show that combined the entertainment value of a home improvement show with the social importance of community revitalization efforts. It showcased the talents, dedication, and resourcefulness of a group of professionals who believed in the potential of their city, and who were willing to work hard to make a positive impact. The show continues to resonate with audiences today, as Detroit's story of recovery and resilience continues to inspire and captivate viewers.

American Rehab: Detroit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on January 29, 2015.

American Rehab: Detroit
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Piano Room Party
6. Piano Room Party
February 26, 2015
Chris and Amy finish their renovation of the historic 1903 Detroit home. Their last project is the piano room where Chris's great-grandmother used to play and the foyer where his entire family once posed for a 1926 portrait.
Garage Rescue
5. Garage Rescue
February 19, 2015
New parents Chris and Amy continue their renovation of the historic 1903 Detroit home that was once owned by Chris's great-grandparents. Before winter hits, they must tackle some outdoor projects. The front porch is in need of a face-lift, and the garage is a crumbling, dangerous mess. They restore the garage, keeping the original dormer intact.
Baby Proofed Bathroom
4. Baby Proofed Bathroom
February 12, 2015
Chris and Amy renovate their daughter Ruby's bathroom.
Master Sweet
3. Master Sweet
February 5, 2015
Chris and Amy renovate the master suite in their 1903 Detroit house.
Classic Kitchen Upgrade
2. Classic Kitchen Upgrade
January 29, 2015
Chris and Amy demolish the kitchen, transform a butler's pantry into a new breakfast nook, and update the whole room with modern appliances and custom cabinetry.
First Floor Fixes
1. First Floor Fixes
January 29, 2015
In the series premiere, new parents Chris and Amy begin their renovation of the historic 1903 Detroit home that was once owned by Chris's great-grandparents, by focusing on the living room. They also complete a lead abatement.
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    January 29, 2015