America's Game: The Missing Rings

This show covers the NFL teams that should have won the Super Bowl but did not. It goes over the hard work and tribulations of the numerous teams who gave it their all but could not win for whatever reason. It pays homage to groups of players who were some of the greatest of their time, but through unfortunate circumstances were unable either to get to or win the Super Bowl.

With all of the different TV specials out there which cover Super Bowl Champions, it is nice to see that someone bothered to remember those who gave their all but did not take home the ring. These are some of the most interesting stories of success there are in the league, with players who gave it their all time and again. This is a show that acknowledges that it is not all about the prize, and often it is just as much about the path.

1 Season, 5 Episodes
October 17, 2011
Cast: Bruce Willis, Martin Sheen, Joe Greene, Ed Harris
America's Game: The Missing Rings

America's Game: The Missing Rings Full Episode Guide

  • The story of the 1988 Cincinnati Bengals is best told by three men: quarterback Boomer Esiason, head coach Sam Wyche, and nose tackle Tim Krumrie. For the 1988 season coach Wyche had performed a little magic with the Bengals and it was the greatest tricks football history has seen. One year earlier the Bengal fans were booing the team at home games, in '88 the fans were causing a ruckus in the jungle. The Bengals made it to Super Bowl XXIII, with a suspension and an in-game devastating injury hanging over their heads, the Bengals missed the win by just that much. The season serves great memories for the '88 Bengals, but the feeling of the missing ring still lingers.

  • As a team the Minnesota Vikings won together, dreamed together, hoped together and lost together. The story of the 1998 Minnesota Vikings is best told by three men who possess three qualities: desire, dedication and determination; head coach Dennis Green, wide receiver Cris Carter and defensive tackle John Randle. Minnesota became the home to many misfits of the NFL, but to those misfits this was their fraternity. Despite the valiant effort of the 1998 Vikings, there is still the feeling of that missing ring.

  • For most of the 70's and 80's the Buffalo Bills were a team of losers and were always at the bottom of the pile. They drafted a quarterback Jim Kelly who didn't even want to play for the team and went to play in the United States Football League. Towards the end of the 80's the Bills began to lay their legacy. Jim Kelly would eventually become a Buffalo Bill and new head caoch Marv Levy would lead this team to victory. When the 1990 season came the Bills put all the critics to bed. They dominated the league on both sides of the ball. The Bills were a team that was feared and respected.

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