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Welcome to Disc Planet! Every 10 years, Disc Warriors travel 1000 light-years to find a partner to fight alongside with in the King of Disc Tournament! Join Ken and Blaze, our heroes as they learn more about the Disc Planet, the fearsome Beast Discs and friendship. This is the first arc on their way to become Champion!

Battle Disc is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on .

Battle Disc is available for streaming on the Anitime Animation Studio website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Battle Disc on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Anitime Animation Studio
3 Seasons, 45 Episodes
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Battle Disc Full Episode Guide

  • It is the final showdown! With only 30 minutes left to defeat Max, everyone joins together to face adversity. All the people on Earth and all of the Disc Warriors on Disc Planet must unite to defeat the powerful Max! What will be the cost of victory?

  • Ken is the last challenger standing, and his final match is against, Max, the King of Disc himself! Max and his parter show very strong skill, and he also has access to Darkness Power. Ken has to use the culmination of everything he learned since he started his journey to defeat Max! Will blaze be the new King of Disc?

  • The penultimate match of the tournament begins! Geras and Kobe want to get revenge on Ken and Blaze, and they use as much Darkness Power as they can to try and achieve it. Everyone is cheering Ken and Blaze on as he faces the ruthless Kobe. Will Ken have enough determination to win the championship?

  • Paddy overhears Max's diabolicial plans and tries to run away. He escapes to Ken and his friends, but was recaptured. Max reveals his identity to our Heroes. In Ace's next match, Paddy is the one to challenge him, but he was possessed by the Darkness Disc. Can Ace save his best friend?

  • After his loss against Dickey and Moses, Ken is defeated in spirit and feels guilty about the fate of Otto, Mia's Disc Warrior. A rematch is arranged, and its up to Ken's friends to give him back his determination. Will Dickey and Moses continue to have the upper hand?

  • Dickey and Moses are the next most powerful Warriors in the tournament. Max instructs Moses to use a special Darkness Disc to absorb Blaze and his power. In the match, someone else becomes the victim of the attack, and Ken looses his spirit. Will this cost Ken the tournament?

  • Gordon and Ace fully succumb to the power of the Darkness Disc. In their match with Ken, they chase the ruthlessness they once had in battle. Ken and his friends work together to save Ace and Gordon from the Power of Darkness, but Gordon is too powerful.

  • Ace and Gordon slowly realized that they are being overshadowed by Ken and Blaze. Max emerges to gift Ace with a Darkness Disc. In Ace's next match, he squares against the Dark Triplets, who also use Darkness Power to combine their Disc Warriors! Does Ace resort to darkness to win?

  • Little Devil is a weak competitor in the tournament, and is last on the ladder. Little Devil is a huge fan of Ken and Blaze, and have admired their skill and tenacity. They are set to fight in Ken's next match, so Max appears and offers the power Darkness to Little Devil.

  • Moses and Dickey laments their loss to Ken earlier in the tournament. He was forced to lose because Max told him to. A rematch is coming, and the pair are relying on the power of the Darkness Disc to gain the upper hand against Ken and Blaze! Will Mega Warrior fall in battle?

  • Ken's next opponent is Dink, the trickster who turned honorable. Though Dink has trained relentlessly, he's afraid to lose to Ken. Two strangers appears and offer the power of the Darkness Disc to the warriors. Will Dink succumb to the the Darkness power?

  • Previously, Ken and his friends were pulled into a magical portal. Each of them were separated from each other, and they confront their own motivations for competing in the tournament. Will our heroes succumb to darkness to be able to achieve their dreams? A powerful new enemy appears.

  • This next battle of the tournament has all of our hereos facing each other, along with Dicky and Mosess. Dicky uses a mysterious technique to knock off our friends one by one, until Ken is the only one left standing. It is up to Ken to come up with a winning strategy.

  • The Dark Force sees Ken and his friends as a threat. Ken and Dolly are aranged to fight, with the hopes of tearing their friendship apart. Will Ken and Dolly overcome themselves? It's the Pheonix versus the Poseidon!

  • Holle, Rockson's brother, surprises everyone by showing up on the third world, escaped from prison. Holle has found a new partner, Dr. A., who helped him escape from prison. Can Rockson trust this new partner?

  • Our heroes are were on a picnic before they became lost in the wilderness. Suddenly, a lovely girl appears from the bushes and they all became friends. Gordon and Ace are the only ones suspicious about the new girl. What could her true intentions be?

  • The Quarter-Finals have been dangerous, with many competitors unable to compete in their matches due to outside injuries or issues. Ken has a match coming up, with Dink, a boy who has become bored with competition. Will Ken and Blaze be able to fight against Dink's unique style?

  • Roger was chosen for a special 3-on-3 match. Instead of picking the two front runners of the tournament, Ken and Ace, Roger selects Dolly and Scott as partners. Their opponents are triplets with a special power that breaks the spirits of our heroes. Can the power of dreams carry Roger, Dolly and Scott?

  • Ace meets his best friend from Earth on Disc Planet, who has dark history with him. Because of this, Ace looses his will to compete in the competition and its up to Ken and Blaze to show him the way. How much is Ken willing to sacrifice for his friends?

  • It's time for the first quarter-final match between Ken and Kobe. Ken and Blaze are at a disadvantage since they lost their Astral Fire to Kobe's dirty tricks. How can they hope to keep up in this new mode of competition. Will the bond between our heroes be strong enough?

  • Our heroes make it to the Third World, but with that comes completely new rules for competing in the championship. The Disc Warrior has to completely rely on their partner and Astro Fire to achieve victory! Ken doesn't believe in himself, and he endangers his fight for the championionship!.

  • The struggle with the great Beast Disc, Lomon, continues! Ken and his friends are defeated, and the only person that can save our heroes is Gordon. What will the son of the Golden Family do? Will Gordon walk the right path before his friends are sacrificed?

  • Blaze is set to square off against Rockson. Rockson is determined to win, no matter the costs. What is the mystery behind Rockson's determination? Both teams need to win the match to proceed to the final round!

  • The Astro Fire trials continue! Ken, Blaze, and the rest of the disc warrior continue to cooperate with each other to gain the power of Astro Fire. Can they work together to pass the test of the Mysterious Light Ball?

  • Ken and Blaze are set to fight Rockson and Scott in their next match. According to Roger, there is a legend about how to get stronger in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, Gordon and Rockson also hear about it, and follow our heroes. What kind of trials will our Heroes go through?

  • The mysterious Beast Disc Ken and Blaze met, Guru, is actually an Alloy Beast. The infamous Golden Family has their sights on it and attacks our heroes. Guru becomes uncontrollable. What is the truth behind Guru, the mysterious beast disc?

  • Its time for Ken and Blaze's next tournament match! Their opponent this time is Dolly and Storm! In the midst of training, our heroes meet a mysterious Beast Disc that might turn the tides in the upcoming fight. Will Ken and Blaze defeat their friends?