Beat the Champions

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"Beat The Champions" is a one-off TV special that pits three well-known professional athletes against everyday athletes in a series of increasingly challenging and unusual competitions. NBC great Scottie Pippin, New England Patriots veteran Rob Gronkowski and Olympic Gold medalist Missy Franklin battle to show that they aren't just great at their respective sports: they can be winners in any competition, at any time.

The everyday athletes include a plumber, a personal trainer, a teacher and a stay-at-home mom. All of them hope to take down a champion and walk away with not just bragging rights but a prize of $25,000. Standing in their way are a series of goofball challenges that will test their skills at everything from throwing odd-shaped objects to hoping their way through an obstacle course. It's like no challenge they've ever seen. But it's also their best chance to be able to "Beat The Champions."

1 Season, 1 Episode
June 30, 2015
Game Show, Reality, Sports
Cast: Missy Franklin, Rob Gronkowski, Finesse Mitchell, Scottie Pippen
Beat the Champions

Beat the Champions Full Episode Guide

  • Average people try to beat world-class pros at their own game.