Behind the Bar (Spike)

Watch Behind the Bar (Spike)

  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Kenneth McCoy, owner of New York's Rum House, takes you on a drink history of your favorite cocktails while adding his own unique twists on the classics. Recipes and more take you on an experience that is truly Behind the Bar.

Behind the Bar (Spike)
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The Daiquiri
7. The Daiquiri
April 24, 2017
Kenneth McCoy takes you back to Cuba’s El Floridita bar, where Hemingway would often sip the sweet concoction.
The Boulevardier
6. The Boulevardier
April 17, 2017
Kenneth McCoy tells this story of this classic concoction made of bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari.
The Martini/Martinez
5. The Martini/Martinez
April 9, 2017
Kenneth McCoy describes how subtle ingredient changes transformed a classic cocktail from a “wagon wheel” to a “sports car” of mixed spirits.
The Old Fashioned
4. The Old Fashioned
April 3, 2017
Kenneth McCoy tells the tale of the world's reportedly oldest cocktail, then gives a taste of his own modern spin.
The Vieux Carrè
3. The Vieux Carrè
March 27, 2017
This classic cocktail was created as a tribute to the cultural influences of New Orleans. Vieux Carre literally means “Old Square,” referring to the French Quarter.
The Flip
2. The Flip
March 20, 2017
When you crack an egg in a drink, people think you're nuts. The Flip is an egg drink with sugar and a spirit. Kenneth McCoy, Owner of The Rum House, NYC is taking you behind the bar, talking classic cocktails from origin to innovation.
The Manhattan
1. The Manhattan
March 12, 2017
The cocktail that shares its name with the world's most famous island has several supposed origins.
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    March 12, 2017