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  • 1993
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The Nanny is a comedic television series that aired from 1993 until 1999. The show was created by Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson and produced by Sternin & Fraser Ink Inc. and Highschool Sweethearts Productions. The series follows the life of Fran Fine, a Jewish fashionista from Flushing, Queens, who is hired by a wealthy British widower, Maxwell Sheffield, to be the nanny of his three children.

Fran, portrayed by the unforgettable Fran Drescher, is a likable and confident woman with a thick New York accent and a big personality. She quickly wins over the Sheffield children, Maggie (Nicholle Tom), Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury), and Grace (Madeline Zima), with her unconventional and spunky approach to child-rearing. Fran becomes a maternal figure to the children and forms a romantic connection with Maxwell, played by Charles Shaughnessy.

Maxwell Sheffield is a handsome and successful Broadway producer, who is initially skeptical about hiring Fran but eventually warms up to her when he sees her bond with his children. Despite their differences in background and personality, Fran and Maxwell's chemistry is palpable, which creates a will-they-won't-they dynamic throughout the series.

Alongside Fran and Maxwell, the show has a talented supporting cast, including Daniel Davis as the butler Niles, Lauren Lane as Maxwell's business associate C.C. Babcock, and Renee Taylor and Ann Morgan Guilbert as Fran's overbearing parents Sylvia and Yetta.

Throughout the series, The Nanny explores themes of family, love, and overcoming class divides. Fran's working-class background often clashes with the upper-class Sheffields, but she remains a strong and independent woman, who showcases her unique talents and charm. The witty banter and one-liners in the show are also a hallmark of The Nanny's humor.

The Nanny has a distinct style, ranging from Fran's bold fashion choices, which include sequin dresses and leopard prints, to the show's upbeat theme song, "The Nanny Named Fran," which is sung by Fran Drescher herself. The show's set design, which predominantly features the Sheffield mansion, is also impressive, with grand staircases and luxurious rooms.

The Nanny was a critical and commercial success, with a loyal fan base that continues to watch the show today. The show received many award nominations, including a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy for Fran Drescher in 1996.

In conclusion, The Nanny is a classic sitcom that stands the test of time. With its endearing characters, heartwarming plotlines, and hilarious humor, it's no wonder that fans continue to Watch The Nanny Online today. Whether you're a fashionista from Queens or a reserved British producer, The Nanny has something for everyone.

The Nanny is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (146 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 1993.

The Nanny
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The Finale (2)
22. The Finale (2)
May 12, 1999
C.C. and Niles get married while Fran is in labor and find out that they are also expectant parents. Maggie and Brighton head off to Europe as the Sheffields head to California with the new twins and a new life together.
The Finale (1)
21. The Finale (1)
May 12, 1999
C.C. flees after Niles proposes again. Fran runs after her and gets stuck in an elevator with her and goes into labor.
The Baby Shower
20. The Baby Shower
June 23, 1999
When Libby, the Chatterbox hairdresser/fortune teller, predicts Val will hook up with Fred the pharmacist and it happens, Fran worries her prediction might come true too. Libby said she saw Maxwell in bed with a leggy blonde in Beverly Hills. Coincidentally, Max has to fly to L.A. because his pilot was picked up. Fran and Niles assume the leggy blonde is Ms. Babcock and fly after them. After meeting Fran Drescher at the hotel lobby, they discover C.C. and Max changed rooms after Niles crawls up Max's bed! Turns out he's the leggy blonde! Meanwhile, Brighton has problems telling his father he doesn't want to go to Harvard and wants to take a year off instead.
Maggie's Wedding
19. Maggie's Wedding
June 23, 1999
Michael got a modeling job in Japan, so he proposes to Maggie so they don't have to be apart. Maxwell has a hard time accepting the fact that his little daughter has grown into a mature woman, but eventually comes to terms with Michael. On the wedding day, Fran finds out Michael's cousin is James Brolin, Barbara Streisand's husband, and that Barbara herself is coming to the ceremony. Fran is in such shock for finally meeting her idol that has contractions and is rushed to the hospital. It's all a false alarm, but Fran does not want to stay in the hospital while Barbara is at her house. She sneaks out, but when she gets home there's nobody there. Max calls the house and reveals Fran he planned a little surprise for her: he took Barbara to the hospital. Fran doesn't forgive her, but the wedding goes on and Maggie finally marries the man of her life.
Yetta's Letters (3)
18. Yetta's Letters (3)
June 16, 1999
While still shocked about finding out Niles and C.C.'s secret affair, Fran and Maxwell worry about something else: it seems like Max's biggest chance to beat Andrew Lloyd Weber at the Tonys is going to be wasted, since he can't get a decent play script and thus won't open any new shows. Fran shows him Yetta's old love letters she wrote to a waiter she met on the ship that brought her from Romania, but Maxwell doesn't think those will make a good play. The letters get accidentally sent to Andrew Lloyd Weber's office and he tries to buy the play rights for Yetta's letters, but Maxwell steps in – thanks to Sylvia's power of attorney – and opens one of the most exciting plays of the season!
The Dummy Twins (2)
17. The Dummy Twins (2)
June 16, 1999
Ms. Babcock finds Niles's proposal pathetic and laughable. Fran tries to contour the situation and teaches Niles a better way for him to start things with Ms. Babcock – call her by her first name, or take her out to a romantic dinner. During the dinner, Niles gets nervous and proposes two more times. C.C. won't let it go and keeps rubbing it into his face, until Niles is fed up and decides to quit, for he can no longer live under such humiliating circumstances. Neither Fran nor Maxwell can do anything to make him stay, and even C.C.'s promise to let it go count for nothing. Finally, Niles tells C.C. she's pathetic and lonely, and will spend the rest of her life waiting for a man that will never come, until one day she looks back and sees she wasted her entire life. Niles storms out and C.C. realizes what he said is true. She decides to move on and quit too. At night, while fighting over some dummy twins the doctor gave Fran, she and Max go to Niles's room and find him and C.C. sleeping
The Producers (1)
16. The Producers (1)
June 9, 1999
Niles shows Fran a script for a play he got from a friend of his. He wants to show it to Mr. Sheffield and become a producer so he can be something more than just the help. When pushed to tell why he wants to change his social status, Niles reveals to Fran he's in love with Ms. Babcock! Shocked, and yet merciful for her friend, Fran decides to take some money of her and Maxwell's joint account to finance the play. But neither Fran nor Niles have a name in the market, so they pass as C.C. and Maxwell and produce the play under Sheffield-Babcock Productions. Unfortunately, they're fined 250,000 dollars and find themselves with no solution but revealing the truth to Maxwell. Fran appeals to C.C.'s efforts to befriend with her (because Maxwell threatened to end their business partnership if she didn't solve her issues with Fran) to soft the shock. She's not so lucky with Max, who gets furious. Nevertheless, he helps them produce the play. After the premiere, Fran encourages Niles to tell h
Ma'ternal Affairs (2)
15. Ma'ternal Affairs (2)
June 2, 1999
Fran decides to do a little investigation on the man her mother is seeing, and discovers him to be a lovely man. Sylvia finds out she was at the doctor's office and breaks up with Fran. Fran then decides to give her father a few hints for pleasing Sylvia and turn their boring marriage around. The two couples go out for dinner, and Morty runs into Dr. Razzo in the men's room. Fran tries to talk her father into not giving up on Sylvia, and Dr. Razzo supports her. Morty goes back to the table and sings a romantic song for his wife, solving once and for all their marital conflicts. Meanwhile, Niles makes his stage debut on Gracie's school play – and makes a fool of himself.
California Here We Come (1)
14. California Here We Come (1)
March 31, 1999
Maxwell is offered to turn one of his failed plays into a movie, and tells Fran they might be moving to California! The deal is quickly changed from a movie to a sitcom, and Fran's afraid the news is going to devastate her mother. Sylvia takes the news surprisingly good. In fact, too good, leaving Fran suspicious about her. She goes to the Chatterbox after Sylvia, but Libby, the local yenta, tells her Sylvia's been seeing a doctor three times a week. Fran confronts Sylvia about her health and discovers Sylvia's been having an affair with her doctor, and that's why she doesn't want to move to California with Fran!
The Yummy Mummy
13. The Yummy Mummy
February 3, 1999
After Fran undergoes a sonogram, Dr. Reynolds delivers some exciting news to the proud parents-to-be. Meanwhile, Fran's feelings are hurt when Brighton goes on a tour of Ivy League universities and denies her request to accompany him. Fearing that Brighton thinks she is too stupid to meet his friends, Fran seeks advice on how to "sound intelligent" from Lynn Redgrave, who is visiting Maxwell to discuss a new play.
The Fran in the Mirror
12. The Fran in the Mirror
January 20, 1999
Maxwell's old college friend Rodney Pembrook is in town, and asks Maxwell to loan him one million dollars. Before they close the deal, Maxwell has to fly London for business, and Rodney takes the chance to get the money from Fran. C.C. tries to stop her from writing him the check, but Fran puts her foot down saying she's his wife now and should be involved with the finances. After she gives him the check, Maxwell's sister arrives saying Rodney is flat broke and has been ripping money off anyone he cans. Now Fran has to find a way to get the money back before Max returns. She goes after Rodney, who tries to give her the check back, but Fran is touched by his arguments and decides to let him keep the money. When Max finds out he's furious, but luckily Rodney was telling the truth and the investment gave Max a 500,000 dollar profit. Meanwhile, Niles inherits a royal title and starts acting like a millionaire, only to find out the title is worthless and he just covered himself in debts. An
The In-Law Who Came Forever
11. The In-Law Who Came Forever
January 6, 1999
Aunt Freida decides to get back at Sylvia for not letting her sing at the wedding and buys her condo, leaving her with no place to go. Sylvia and Morty move in to the Sheffield mansion. At first, Fran is worried about how Maxwell is going to take it, and happy about having her mom around like old times. But Maxwell surprisingly takes it well as Sylvia spoils him like the mother he never had. Fran, on the other hand, starts remembering all the annoying things about living with her mom, and decides she must convince Freida to give her mother's condo back. They make some alterations on the wedding video to make it look like Freida sang on it, and the two sisters-in-law make up. Meanwhile, Niles experiments being a model for a day.
The Hanukkah Story
10. The Hanukkah Story
December 16, 1998
Fran's excited about celebrating her first Hanukkah with Maxwell, only he has to drive to Boston on business, and takes C.C. and Gracie with him. During their drive, the car goes off the road and Fran is left with no news on them, except that the snowstorm is really bad and they might not last long. While waiting outside the house, a nun comes by and they pray together. Max, Gracie and C.C. return home safe and sound, proving miracles do exist. The car oil lasted for eight hours instead of one, just like in Hanukkah.
Oh, Say, Can You Ski?
9. Oh, Say, Can You Ski?
November 25, 1998
Fran's obsessed about getting pregnant, so Max decides to take her up to a ski trip in Aspen to get her mind off it a little. He arranges for them to be at the First Family's table on his gala dinner, but advices Fran about all the things she's forbidden to talk about in their presence. Maxwell is the one who ends up embarrassing himself for a change. While practicing for skiing with the president, Fran and Max get lost in a cage, where they decide to "warm" each other. Fran catches a cold, but the pharmacy won't give her the antibiotics until they run a few tests. When the results come back, Fran discovers that she is pregnant!
Making Whoopi (3)
8. Making Whoopi (3)
November 18, 1998
Fran's devastated after hearing from Dr. Reynolds she was never pregnant at all, that it was a false positive. Maxwell keeps hiding her pregnancy tests to avoid further sadness, and even invites Fran and her relatives to join him on his special appearance on the Hollywood Squares. Val, Sylvia and Yetta advise Fran to go see a herbalist to help Maxwell's swimmers. At the herbal store, Fran buys a special shake that will help Maxwell's little swimmers swim faster and some special cookies that will make them hot for each other. The shake doesn't help, so Dr. Reynolds prescribes hormones for Fran, who also buys an ovulation kit. Her timing couldn't be worse when she starts ovulating right when Maxwell is up on the squares. But nothing that Whoopi Goldberg's dressing room can't fix. Meanwhile, C.C. and Niles accidentally eat the special cookies and feel hot for each other, and Val quits her brightness pills because it was making her too gassy.
Mom's the Word (2)
7. Mom's the Word (2)
November 11, 1998
Fran is very excited about her pregnancy, but worries about Maxwell's reaction since he said a baby was he last thing they needed in their lives. While trying to tell him, Fran gets upset and storms out of the house to chill her mind at Central Park. There, while talking to a fellow mother who took her kids to the park, Fran feels abdominal pains and is rushed to the hospital, where she and Maxwell – who's now happy about the baby - fear for their baby. To Be Continued...
I'm Pregnant (1)
6. I'm Pregnant (1)
November 4, 1998
Fran walks in Maggie and Michael in bed together, and as she tries to cover it, Maxwell also walks in. He forbids Maggie to do that in the house, and Fran has to convince him to forgive Maggie. Just as she is dressing her up as the young, innocent, non-active Maggie he always knew, Maggie drops the bomb: she might be pregnant! Fran and Maggie work together on buying a home pregnancy test and hiding it from everybody, but once again Maxwell finds out and has them go see a gynecologist. The results come back negative for Maggie, but the doctor suspects Fran might be the one bringing new people to the world. She comes home very excited to share the news with Max, but before she does he tells her what a relief it is not to have a baby since he's not ready to share her yet. Fran decides to keep her secret. To be continued…
Maggie's Boyfriend
5. Maggie's Boyfriend
October 28, 1998
Maggie wants to bring home her new boyfriend Michael, but is afraid of how her father will behave in front of him. She asks Fran for help, but Maxwell is a little too stubborn. During dinner, Fran is extremely pleased with Michael: he's a male model, he makes about US$800,000 a year (for Niles's desperation), his father is a doctor and he's Jewish! Everything Fran could ever hope for Maggie! Maggie also breaks the news that she's moving in with Michael, but Maxwell won't let her. He and Fran fight, and Sylvia advises Fran to support him. Fran goes to Michael's place, and tries playing guilt on Maggie, but it doesn't work. Maxwell arrives and they act a scene in which they place poor Maggie as a reason of a possible break up. The plan works and she returns home.
Sara's Parents
4. Sara's Parents
October 21, 1998
Sara's parents are visiting, and Max is afraid they might not like Fran, as he never told them about the marriage. Fran tries to do all the right things, but can't get it right. After she surprises them with the adoption plans, she gets the impression they will investigate her. Fran goes to Sylvia and Val for advice, but Sylvia's new sugar-free diet affects her ability to think. Finally, Fran decides to tell Max all he doesn't know about her, but he says he already knew that as he did a background check after she was hired. Finally, Fran opens her heart to Sara's parents, and they finally agree on the adoption. Meanwhile, Yetta thinks Niles is her husband, and C.C. take advantage of Fran's problems to mock her.
Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary
3. Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary
October 14, 1998
Brighton wants to go to Atlantic City, and after his father says no he goes to Fran for help. But Maxwell is implacable and won't give in, so Brighton plays Fran against him saying he doesn't respect her or her opinion. Maxwell calls Fran the nanny and Sylvia advices Fran to hold up on "the bing-bing", but Fran can't. Her solution: hire a new nanny and act more like a wife. But Fran can't fit in among the snobbish country club people, and decides she should be in the house, both as nanny and as wife, since it was her (as the nanny) whom Maxwell fell in love with in the first place.
Fran Gets Shushed
2. Fran Gets Shushed
October 7, 1998
When Maxwell shushes Fran on their first night together in their bedroom, she hits the roof, refusing to keep her voice down. They resolve the argument by agreeing that the key to a successful marriage is compromise, and Fran vows to be more demure while Maxwell promises to be less uptight. They try to adopt their new personalities during an important business dinner at which Maxwell is trying to win the rights to a new book.
The Honeymoon's Overboard (3)
1. The Honeymoon's Overboard (3)
September 30, 1998
Fran and Maxwell find themselves alone in a deserted island after falling off their honeymoon yacht. While the rest of the family is worried if they're still alive, Fran and Max have to learn how to survive without the luxuries of their NY mansion. Fran can't stop complaining, and just when they're ready to take the step they've waited 6 years to take, something bits Maxwell, making him ill. Thank goodness the same thing happened on The Young and the Restless, so she knows how to take care of him. C.C. feels guilty because she wished them dead, and rents a chopper to go after them with Sylvia. Luckily they're found safe and sound, and they return home to finally consummate their wedding.
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