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One of the most popular and well known shows is the Canadian reality TV show known as Beyond Survival with Les Stroud. In this show viewers will get to check out how a survivalist known as Les Stroud adapts and functions in foreign wilderness environments. During the course of the show, Stroud adapts to these various environments by learning the customs and techniques of tribes while finding out how these particular groups of people survived for centuries. When viewing the show, people will also see how Les uses his experience, training and instincts to endure a week long challenge in these places. So during the show he confronts the tribes and learns about how they have mastered survival up to this day.

Viewers will get to see Stroud travel so some of the most remote places on Earth to learn about the various survival techniques and customs of these tribes. He will learn the various survival techniques of these tribes which are not shown outside of these tribes' inner circle. Stroud will go to some exotic places such as Madagascar and the Kalahari Desert. When visiting these particular locations, Stroud will meet with tribes such as the Antanosy and the San. These tribes hunt with poison arrows and also use a trance dance to help communicate with spirits that they believe in. Stroud also gets to visit New Guinea and check out a ceremony by the Hewa people tribe.

For people looking to check out a very informative and exciting reality television show, then Beyond Survival with Les Stroud is one of the options you can choose. By viewing this show, people will get the opportunity to learn about a number of tribes in the world and how they live on a daily basis. Viewers will get to see things such as the customs, clothing and habitats of these tribes. As a result people will be able to not only be entertained but also enlightened by what they are seeing. Anyone looking to find out about how the last surviving indigenous people live then this show is a great one to watch.

Fridays at 10:00 pm et/pt on Discovery HD Theater
1 Season, 10 Episodes
August 27, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Les Stroud
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Beyond Survival With Les Stroud Full Episode Guide

  • Stroud heads to the jungle to join the Mentawai Tribe in Indonesia to participate in how they survive and live their day to day lives. He even undergoes the ancient and painful art of tattooing.

  • Les climbs for more than 5 days through the Andean mountains to join the Q'ero Indians on their yearly pilgrimage to the holy site of Qollorit'i. Les is the first outsider in history granted permission to film the ancient Inka rituals, performed at an astounding 17,000 ft.

  • Les travels to South Africa to join the Zulu, one of the world's greatest masters of survival. Les meets with a female Shaman, goes hunting, and participates in stick fighting.

  • Deep in the Amazon forests of Peru, live indigenous cultures that have been hidden from modern civilization for hundreds of years. Les reaches the Huacharia Tribe: a deeply spiritual people who are very primitive. He joins them on their hunt for food and then is allowed to join their daily ceremonies honoring the elements.

  • Les travels above the Arctic Circle to track animals with Inuit hunters . He also partakes of "delicacies" such as seal eyeballs.

  • Les goes to visit remote tribes in Madagascar and is honored to participate in a sacred rite as well as to be self-sufficient.

  • Les Stroud takes you deep into the jungles of Papua New Guinea to participate in an ancient ritual.

  • Les Stroud learns from the original masters of survival, the San Bushmen, a unique tribe believed to be the closest living descendants of the first humans.

  • "Survivorman" Les Stroud heads into open waters with the Sea Gypsies of Malaysia to spearfish in the shark-filled deep, and survive in a world of water, where storms and tsunamis threaten to wipe out the tribe, forever.

  • "Survivorman" Les Stroud journeys to Sri Lanka to survive alongside men once believed to be half-human, half demon, and exorcises dark forces in a rarely-seen ritual.

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