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Bikini Barbershop is a 2012 reality television show from AXS TV which revolves around a salon known as Bikini Barbers, a hair cut shop which is staffed exclusively with scatily clad women (wearing bikinis, of course). The owner of the shop, and subsequent central character of the show, is a man named Jeff Wulkan. Walkan is portrayed as something of a affable sexist but is also shown to be a man who is very motivated and career oriented.

Thursday 11:00 PM et/pt on HDNet
1 Season, 13 Episodes
February 16, 2012
Cast: Ceazar Reyes
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Bikini Barbershop Full Episode Guide

  • Jeff throws a one-year bash for Bikini Barbers, but the party ends when he hires a new manager to clean house.

  • Jeff's investor, Justine, collects her monthly payment and prods Jeff to crack down on his slacking stylists.

  • Jeff gets an A in diversity for hiring an Asian stylist but flunks babysitting his bratty 8-year old nephew.

  • Alissa and Lauren go under the knife and over the top with boob jobs while Natalie poses nude in chocolate.

  • Natalie fends off older admirers and Jeff contributes to charity in hopes of attracting new customers.

  • The new Latina stylist thinks Jeff is loco when the crew goes on a trip to Atlantic City.

  • Ariana steals Lauren's date while Natalie, Alissa, and Kim get pierced where the sun don't shine.

  • Ariana falls to pieces over her ex as Jeff teaches the girls to shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Jeff tries to jumpstart business by entering the girls in a bikini contest and hiring an upscale stylist.

  • Jeff tries to brand Bikini Barbers as the ultimate bachelor party experience. However, the stylists go overboard with their drinking, dancing, and partying as they obliterate the bachelor and embarrass the boss. Jeff also goes on an awkward date with Natalie's older sister, Rokki. The jury is out on whether Jeff really wants Rokki or is just climbing the family tree to get closer to Natalie.

  • Jeff continues his womanizing ways with just about any girl who walks into the barbershop and the girls have a customer teach them self defense moves

  • Meet Jeff, the owner, and all the lovely stylists try and launch their new business and try to survive each other.

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