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Dan Rather is a well respected new reporter. He has been covering stories for many years and has worked for many different news stations. The Dan Rather Reports is a news show that is aired weekly that covers important news stories. The shows focuses on covering many topics include those that are global issues and political reports. There are many other topics covered as well. Dan Rather is not afraid to ask the questions during interviews that many other reporters shy away from. He wants the truth and will work hard to get it.

Dan Rather was born in 1931 and was the host of the CBS Evening News before getting his own program. After hosting this show he was the host of Sixty Minutes. He began his career as a reporter is 1950 and covered such events as Hurricane Carla. Dan Rather reported on many major events in the United States history. He was one of the first reports to cover President Kennedy's assassination. Years later he was one of the top reporters to cover Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. In an interview with Nixon he accused the president of lying to the grand jury. Recent coverage includes stories about relations with Afghanistan and controversy surrounding President George H.W. Bush. Rather will also be covering the 2012 Presidential election and give his views on both candidates.

Rather started this show at the age of seventy five. He has been in the news business for over fifty years. He started out as a small town reporter and his style and drive helped him get the attention of major news networks. He is the host, narrator, and news correspondent. He was also given full control as to what topics the show covers and reports. He decided to have the show focus on investigative news as well as on site reporting. Dan Rather also choose to cover politics and important issues relating to this subject. The Dan Rather Report gives details and complete coverage of top news stores. All the facts presented on this show are checked and then double checked to make sure they are correct.

9 Seasons, 224 Episodes
November 14, 2006
Cast: Dan Rather
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  • The fallout from the Supreme Court's decision in a discrimination case involving Wal-Mart; Emmy Award winning photography capturing marathoners around the world.

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