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The Black Arrow rides forth, delivering swift and certain justice in these four swashbuckling 1970s ITV Children's adventures based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. As the Wars of the Roses rage through England, bringing tyranny, injustice and slaughter, a masked avenger roams the land, delivering justice from his bow. Who is the hooded Black Arrow, fighting for the poor and daring to go against the will of corrupt and murderous barons?

Black Arrow is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on October 20, 1944.

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1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 20, 1944
Action & Adventure
Cast: Mark Roberts, Adele Jergens, Robert B. Williams, Kenneth MacDonald
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Black Arrow Full Episode Guide

  • Peterkin deserts his master and runs right into the outlaws! Meanwhile, Sister Alice remains the outlaws' prisoner-her only hope is Sir Richard, who schemed with the crazed Mad Megs. Later, a shooting contest is held between Sir Richard and Red Howl for the priceless relic.

  • A crazed woman summons Sir Richard Shelton and Peterkin from the forest to help strange travelers who carry a priceless treasure. Later, the group comes upon a priest whose purpose seems a little more than suspicious.

  • The country's Justice puts Lady Ann on the stand as he holds court to determine whether she is guilty of witchcraft. Lord William brings charges against her that would have her burned at the stake! Black Arrow shows up at her execution, bringing a piece of vital information.

  • Peterkin remains trapped inside Lady Ann's cottage, surrounded by men with unknown intentions. Lord William barges in on Lady Ann's wedding before the vows can be completed! Later, Peterkin is returned to his cell in the castle and re-discovers the forbidden scroll with Lady Ann's father's crest upon it.

  • Lord William is on the hunt for Black Arrow, and accuses his niece, Ann of hiding him; he forbids her from marrying her beloved, but Lady Ann's nurse sneaks off to grab their priest and prepare the wedding. As the couple nears the church on their wedding day, Lord William catches wind of their plan!"The Wedding

  • Black Arrow rescues Peterkin, a young serving lad, from the clutches of Lord William and the two fight for justice when William accuses his niece Ann of foul witchcraft! Later, journeying in search of adventures, Black Arrow and Peterkin uncover a fiendish outlaw plot to steal a precious holy relic.

  • Mistress Hatch keeps up her act and fools Lord Brock while Sir Daniel continues to inquire after the forbidden treasure. Father Oates escapes with a message to Sir Richard Shelton from Mistress Hatch, but encounters Black Arrow upon the way! Later, the disguised Mistress Hatch helps to postpone the outlaws' execution, and plot their escape.

  • Megs is accused of being a traitor and of selling Lawless to Lord Brock! Sir Richard sets the record straight and rallies his troops to rescue his captured men. Mistress Hatch and Megs don disguises as prioresses and escape Lord Brock's prying eye. Later, Black Arrow makes an appearance.

  • Megs begins to suspect Sir Daniel's kindness, and believes he is after the treasure. Sir Richard is nearly killed by one of his men, whose dissent continues! Meanwhile, a huge battle ensues at Lord Brock's castle as the outlaws break in, and Lord Brock takes many of the outlaws captive.

  • Lord Brock agonizes over a crushing defeat by the outlaws, and Megs is returned to her family. Sir Richard Shelton's men consider him overbearing and talk of deserting. Later, Lord Brock threatens to kill the lurking leper unless he rids himself of the castle property, and the leper reveals his true identity.

  • Mistress Hatch hears word of a treasure bestowed upon a villager. Later, Lord Brock captures a local girl, Megs, until she agrees to give away the location of the outlaw's camp! Meanwhile, an unnamed leper lurks around the castle, watching over all.

  • Black Arrow is caught in the middle of a raging conflict between Lord of the Manor Brock and an outlaw gang! Meanwhile, Mistress Hatch is back to her usual tricks as she camps in the wilderness with the outlaws. A rumor spreads that Sir Daniel remains alive, despite Black Arrow's assassination attempt.

  • Mistress Hatch and Mistress Sedley are held hostage in the tower while Sir Daniel and his men ride off to war against Black Arrow! Father Oates risks his neck in plotting to help the women escape, arising suspicion from all.

  • Villagers express concern over the food shortage while Black Arrow and his outlaws remain in the woods, plotting against Sir Daniel. Later, Black Arrow strikes once more and terrorizes Sir Daniel and his men, while Father Oates panics, attempting to avoid his fate.

  • Black Arrow's quest continues. A disguised woman attempts to escape from the evil Sir Daniel's clutches. Sir Richard helps her get away but a blind leper soon hunts them; the leper can mysteriously see them even though he has lost his eyesight.

  • The mysterious masked avenger resolves to track down four evil men and deliver one black arrow in each black heart!