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Black Jack is an anime based on a manga by one of Japan's most famous comic creators, Osamu Tezuka. The show focuses on the main character, Black Jack. Black Jack is a rogue, unlicensed doctor. He has black and white hair, wears a cape and is covered in scars. However, despite his strange appearance and past, Black Jack is actually a genius doctor who can cure nearly anyone of any ailment.

As Black Jack roams the country, he comes across many people who need his help. He will treat anyone and will do his very best to ensure that he heals them. However, Black Jack has a reputation as a greedy person. Whenever someone asks for his help he offers a price for his services. These prices are usually exorbitantly high.

Black Jack has a hidden soft side, however. After he names the price for his treatment, Black Jack always asks the patient for their story. If the story is compelling enough and truly touches Black Jack's heart, he will aid the person for no charge. However, if the person's story does not move Black Jack the patient must pay the full fee. After treating someone and earning a fee, Black Jack generally gives his money away, showing that he truly is a compassionate person.

Black Jack travels the country, searching for people he can aid. He is always accompanied by his assistant, Pinoko. Pinoko was created from a set of parasitic organs. Black Jack saved the organs and gave them a body, which resulted in the rebirth of Pinoko. Pinoko is one of Black Jack's only true friends.

As the series progresses, more of Black Jack's story is revealed. As he travels, Black Jack also meets a wide variety of people. Some of these people become Black Jack's enemies, but some get to know him and become his friends. Each new medical adventure brings new people and new surprises into Black Jack's life.

Black Jack is a Drama series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 1999.

Black Jack is available for streaming on the Tezuka Productions website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Jack on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Tezuka Productions
1 Season, 63 Episodes
December 7, 1999
Cast: Yuko Mizutani, Akiko Kawase, Satou Yuko
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Black Jack Full Episode Guide

  • In a peaceful town, a military base is set up and a project to build missile is carried out. However, for some reasons, innocent citizens are having their bodies slashed and getting killed.

  • Pinoko and Sharaku are playing in a park when a stray dog grabs Pinoko's purse and runs off. They chase after the stray, but the dog is suddenly hit by a car outside of the park. Pinoko gets Black Jack to operate on the dog, and is successful.

  • Black Jack arrives at a small town by the sea and visits a metallurgic factory. The president explains that the company provides jobs to the poor town and gives large donations to the community. Black Jack examines cancer patients at the company, but some

  • A victim of a hit-and-run is discovered by a truck driver, Toru, and carried to Black Jack's house. The doctor performs an operation to save her life, but when she wakes up, they realize she has amnesia. Toru decides to take care of her until she recovers

  • Konomi is a beautiful surgeon who can amputate patients' limbs without hesitation. Thus, people spread rumors and call her the female Black Jack. Her boyfriend proposes to her, but hearing the bad rumors about her requests that she quit her job as surgeon

  • Pinoko is walking Largo in a park when they come across a large and old zelkova tree. An old man, the tree's self-appointed keeper, has been taking care of it, saying that it had saved his life during the war.

  • Pinoko is overjoyed when a middle school graduation certificate arrives in the mail. However, Sharaku tries to explain to her that the distance learning service must be a fraud, a diploma mill. She doesn't listen, and tries to apply for a high school entr

  • Black Jack and Pinoko come across a model who collapses in front of them. The doctor realizes she has cirrhosis of the liver, and starts operating on her after determining that the ambulance won't come in time.

  • An heir to a Japanese company, Tendo, falls to his death in the desert. His guide Azizi finds his passport and money, and hatches a devious plan. He calls Black Jack to his country and shows the doctor a picture of Tendo and asks him to perform plastic su

  • Maggie, from a gang of delinquent high school girls, tries to threaten Pinoko, but Black Jack intervenes and says if she has any problems, she should deal with him directly.

  • A man appears at Tokyo Station and leaves a bag on the platform. He detonates a bomb in the bag, and emergency services come in the aftermath. Black Jack happens to be in the station and gives first aid to the victims.

  • The president of a printing company, Eizo, wants to hire Black Jack to play the part of his son. The doctor declines, but Eizo explains that only his son is acceptable to his older brother Eiichi to perform surgery on him.

  • A man with bandages wrapped around his face visits Black Jack. The man reveals his swollen face and explains that he has a bizarre condition with a carbuncle.

  • Pinoko finds money that is mysteriously showing up at the Black Jack residence. She and Black Jack are puzzled but soon discover a Japanese Robin which is leaving the money.

  • The plane Black Jack and Pinoko are on crash lands in the Arctic during a blizzard. The passengers panic until a world-renown violinist, Morozov, calms them down with his music.

  • Black Jack reminisces about his high school days, when he was known as Kuro Hazama. His classmate Gera, loved to laugh, and Kuro tried to find out why. He didn't understand how he could laugh, especially after finding out that Gera's parents abandoned him

  • On Pinoko's birthday, Black Jack remembers how Pinoko came into his life. One night, four years before, doctors brought a masked woman to Black Jack's house.

  • Black Jack arrives at a laboratory set up on the savanna. Dr. Togakushi had invited him there to help with research into a mysterious illness that is making animals and now people shrink and eventually die.

  • A movie director, Tenma, announces at an awards ceremony that his next film will help save lives. Later, Tenma visits Black Jack and explains that he wants to film the doctor performing surgery on a patient with collagen disease.

  • A traffic cop, Kotaro, begins talking to a statue in the likeness of a police officer, opening up in ways he can't with actual people. He soon becomes obsessed with the statue and starts taking care of it, such as cleaning off graffiti.

  • Black Jack arrives in war-torn country to treat Lunan, a boy who is suffering from a spinal cord injury and is becoming paralyzed.

  • Sharaku, his sister, Black Jack, and Pinoko are on an overseas trip visiting an archaeological dig headed by Sharaku's father. That night, a glowing staff that was recovered from the dig site guides a seemingly possessed Sharaku deep into the jungle. Blac

  • Black Jack is kidnapped as he is arriving home and wakes up on a boat in the ocean. He is forced to operate on a gang member who had been severely injured during an armored car heist.

  • Pinoko is frustrated with the poor condition of their house and complains to Black Jack that she wants to move. However, Black Jack tells her he has no intention to move or renovate.

  • Black Jack begins operating on a young boy with a serious condition when the hospital is taken over by armed men. They hold the patients and staff of the hospital hostage, and phone the police for ransom.

  • Hachi lives in a neighborhood crossed by high-speed rail tracks. Each time an express train rumbles through, Hachi's wooden house shakes, and he complains of sleep deprivation and migraines.

  • Black Jack and Pinoko go visit a remote island and meet a fisherman acquaintance and his son Taichi. The fisherman wants his son to go to high school on the mainland and borrows Black Jack's boat to receive the enrollment forms. Before he goes, the fisher

  • Black Jack and Pinoko are staying at a mountain-top resort hotel. A man who was trapped under a falling tree and in critical condition is brought in. Despite the son's pleas, the doctor on-call refuses to treat him due to a strike at the hotel and leaves.

  • Black Jack is introduced to Sono, who is the daughter of an Ikebana (flower arrangement) master and head of the family/school. Doctors have pronounced that Sono only has a few months to live. Her father wants her life extended by at least half a year so t

  • Black Jack and Pinoko travel overseas to visit a former patient. The patient had phoned the doctor reporting persistent fever and skin blotches and claimed that the operation was botched.

  • Black Jack arrives at a state-of-the-art office building that is nearing completion. He gets out and tells Pinoko and her friends to stay in the car.

  • At Cafe Tom, Pinoko becomes interested in the abacus used by the owner. This causes Black Jack to recall a while back when an elementary school boy Eiji and his teacher and father visited him.

  • Coming back from a business trip abroad, Black Jack runs into a medical school classmate, Ando. He is returning from a medical association trip to South East Asia and insists that he and Black Jack have dinner to catch up.

  • At a construction site deep in the mountains, an ominous shadow approaches, and workers are attacked. Injured workers are taken to a hospital at the base of the mountain.

  • Kiyomi is a school physician examining students when Black Jack arrives on the island, inquiring about her brother. Her brother came to his aid while he was overseas and his medical kit had been stolen.

  • While out shopping, Pinoko spots a field and goes off looking for four-leaf clovers. She runs into a boy named Tink, and they soon become close. She arrives home and starts to write a love letter.

  • At Cafe Tom, Black Jack and Pinoko listen as Kumiko relates her first love. She was about to fall off a rooftop when a man rescued her, but she doesn't recall his face or name.

  • Kumiko returns home from school to Cafe Tom. The mustachioed owner Tetsu had taken her in after her father Dr. Honma passed away.

  • Black Jack and Pinoko are on vacation in snowy Nagano. On the bus, they see a mother who is taking her daughter Tsuyuko to a village clinic.

  • Jun has a best friend that he has never met before in person. He is Tom from New Zealand, with whom he chats often online. Although Jun's condition doesn't allow him to play sports, he tells Tom he plays baseball.

  • Black Jack performs an operation to treat an aortic aneurysm. The four foreign doctors who watch the surgery are astonished with his technique.

  • Michiru learns that she has terminal cancer and only a few weeks left to live. Her dying wish is to marry the next man who walks into her hospital room, even if it is just a token wedding.

  • Kazuo is a star gymnast at the local high school Everyone has high expectations that he will medal at the athletic competition, but he feels pain in his left arm.

  • Pinoko and Sharaku watch a TV show, and Pinoko takes a liking to the monster villain of the show instead of the hero. Sharaku is friends with the show staff and Pinoko ends up visiting the set at the TV studio.

  • Black Jack in the course of treating patients at a local fishing village, who have been poisoned by industrial waste. It's during this assignment he meets a young mysterious woman. She has a strange fascination with water and has an almost storybook innocence to her. To add to this strange situation, her illness makes her legs practically of no use. The only exception being swimming in the seas where she seems unnaturally comfortable.

  • It's Doctor vs myth as Black Jack faces the Carbuncle, a mysterious tumor that takes on a face related to something the victim has experienced. Even though Black Jack can clearly see the tumor the affect it has on his patient goes well beyond the confines of medical science.

  • Black Jack answers the call of a desperate child and finds one of the strangest case's he's ever faced. A young boy is seemingly growing plant life out of his body. To add to this strange phenomenon we have a tree over 3,000 years old and the curse that accompanies it.

  • Black Jack comes to the aid of refugees fleeing a terrible civil war. He meets a new graduate from a top medical school who is awed by his skill.

  • Black Jack finds a box of 2 year old money delivered via mail one day and with it a desperate plea for help. Upon following the address Jack finds himself and Pinoco thrust into Feudal times and for Jack the illness he faces doesn't exist in the scientific arena.

  • Black Jack finds himself in war torn land again, thanks to a patient he meets while on vacation of all places. The patient bleeds from gunshots that were never fired and has ghostly vision of a woman and her child. Those end up being secondary objectives as Jack discovers the man he's helping has had surgery at a skill level on par with his own. Jack must find the answer to his patients ills and meet this other surgeon of incredible skills.

  • Black Jack is tasked to help an actress with a shady past overcome her inability to eat any solid food. To complicate matters a doctor of death is shadowing Black Jack in an effort to let patients die in peace. Black Jack must find a cure for his patient and keep her safe from the killing doctor.

  • Black Jack must travel to a war torn land to help the military and political leader there. He has been declared a war criminal by the most powerful nation in the world and after his escape is on the run. To aid Jack in helping the leader is the beautiful Maria and her private army. Black Jack must do all he can for his patient and cage the feelings he is developing for Maria.

  • Black Jack is reunited by fate with a teenage girl he treated earlier. On this encounter he finds that her and her friends are suffering from some sort of mania and as a result some of her friends paid the ultimate price. Black Jack must find a cure to this illness no matter who is ultimately responsible.

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