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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Blood of the Clans is a historical documentary series from True Royalty that explores the tumultuous history of the Scottish clans and their bloody conflicts over the course of several centuries. Through vivid reenactments and expert commentary from historians, the show brings to life the fierce loyalty, treachery, and bravery of the clansmen and their fierce struggles for power and survival in the harsh Scottish landscape.

The series begins with an overview of the early history of Scotland, from the migration of the Picts and the arrival of the Celts to the arrival of the Romans and the later influence of Christianity. It then delves into the emergence of the clans in the medieval period and the various feuds and alliances that defined their world. As the series progresses, it covers several pivotal moments in Scottish history, including the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Jacobite risings, and the eventual suppression of the clans by the British government.

One of the strengths of Blood of the Clans is its portrayal of the everyday lives of the clansmen, who were mostly farmers and tradesmen when they were not fighting or raiding. The show depicts the importance of clan identity and loyalty in their lives, with the bonds between kin and the fierce protection of their land and property being central to their sense of self. Despite the often brutal and violent nature of their rivalries, the clans also had a strong culture of poetry, song, and storytelling, which is brought to life in the show through traditional music and performances.

The show also delves into the complex political landscape of Scotland during these centuries, as powerful kings and nobles vied for power and alliances shifted rapidly. The role of religion, particularly the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, is also explored, as are the rivalries between different Scottish regions and families.

One of the standout episodes of the series is "The Appin Murder," which tells the story of a notorious killing in 1752 that sparked a national controversy and led to the trial and eventual exoneration of James Stewart, a member of a well-known Jacobite family. The episode provides a gripping account of the events leading up to the murder, the investigation and trial that followed, and the enduring mystery that still surrounds the case.

Another particularly powerful episode is "The Last of the Clans," which recounts the efforts by the British government to suppress Highland culture and impose English laws and customs on the clan system in the 18th and 19th centuries. The episode highlights the tragic consequences of this policy for many clans, who were forced to leave their homes and emigrate to other parts of the world.

The series also features several experts in Scottish history, including academics and cultural experts, who provide valuable insights into the events and people portrayed in the show. These experts help to contextualize the struggles of the clans and to explore the broader themes of Scottish history that emerge from these conflicts.

Overall, Blood of the Clans is a fascinating and engaging look at a pivotal period in Scottish history, one that shaped the identity of the nation and left an enduring legacy for generations to come. Through its vivid reenactments and insightful commentary, the series brings this history to life in compelling detail, capturing the drama, tragedy, and triumph of the Scottish clans with skill and verve.

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