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CBS News Sunday Morning is a television magazine show, airing on CBS since 1979. Hosted by Jane Pauley, Charles Osgood, and Mo Rocca, the show offers a combination of news, feature stories, interviews, and cultural highlights. The show has been one of the most successful on CBS for years, thanks in part to its ability to capture the essence of Sunday mornings. Its light, informative tone makes it a perfect fit for the day of rest, and its topics span a wide range of interests.

The show's format includes several segments, each of which is devoted to a specific topic. These segments are usually introduced by the host, who meditates on the week's events and what they may mean for the future. The topics covered by CBS News Sunday Morning range from politics to arts and culture, history, lifestyle, and everything in between.

One of the show's most respected and beloved features is its coverage of arts and culture. Every Sunday, viewers tune in to learn about art exhibits, music festivals, and theater productions from all over the world. These segments are usually expertly crafted to highlight the beauty and scope of the cultural event in question, and they have helped CBS News Sunday Morning build a reputation as one of the premier outlets for cultural coverage.

In addition to its coverage of culture and the arts, CBS News Sunday Morning also tackles serious news topics. These segments typically feature interviews with prominent newsmakers, politicians, and experts in various fields. The show's reporters are known for their ability to break down complex topics into easily digestible pieces, allowing viewers to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, no Sunday morning show would be complete without a few lighter segments. CBS News Sunday Morning does not disappoint in this regard, offering stories on everything from the latest trends in fashion to the newest gadgets and inventions. These segments are usually infused with a healthy dose of humor and fun, making them a welcome reprieve from the more serious news topics covered on the show.

One of the defining features of CBS News Sunday Morning is its ability to appeal to viewers of all ages. The show's wide range of topics ensures that there is something for everyone, from young children to older adults. Whether you're interested in politics, culture, technology, or just need a laugh, CBS News Sunday Morning has you covered.

Over the years, the show has won numerous awards and accolades for its reporting and storytelling. Its hosts, Jane Pauley, Charles Osgood, and Mo Rocca, are beloved by viewers for their warmth, intelligence, and wit. The show's longevity is a testament to its ability to adapt and evolve with the times, staying relevant even as the media landscape changes around it.

In conclusion, CBS News Sunday Morning is a must-watch for anyone who wants to stay informed and entertained on Sunday mornings. Its combination of serious news coverage, cultural features, and lighthearted segments means that there is always something interesting and engaging to watch. With its talented hosts and expert reporting, the show has become a staple of American television and a testament to the power of great storytelling.

CBS News Sunday Morning is a series that is currently running and has 2024 seasons (553 episodes). The series first aired on June 19, 2016.

CBS News Sunday Morning
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The Money Issue
15. The Money Issue
April 14, 2024
« Previous Ep. Next Ep. » FREE AND CLEAR – Lee Cowan looks into the history of the public domain and how some of the biggest characters of our lifetime, from Frankenstein to Mickey Mouse, are, or someday will be, public property. SEINFELD –Mo Rocca catches up with legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld to talk about his new film, "Unfrosted," a fictional account of the invention of Pop-Tarts. RUN FOR THE MONEY –Kelefa Sanneh talks with the team behind New Balance sneakers, which are gaining a foothold in America's sneaker wars. HAPPY MEDIUM – Tracy Smith catches up with Hollywood's "psychic to the stars," Tyler Henry. FLOWER POWER! –Lilia Luciano travels to Colombia to report on the business of cut flowers. WHAT'S THAT NOISE? – David Pogue reports on the downside of the bitcoin business, which is the noise of bitcoin mining. IN CONVERSATION: LINA KHAN –Robert Costa talks with Lina Khan, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, CRYSTAL CLEAR – Conor Knighton travels to Ireland, the home of the world-famous Waterford Crystal. RECYCLING … FACT VS. FICTION –Ben Tracy looks into the myths and realities of the plastic recycling industry. HOME RUN –Martha Teichner reports on an innovative program in Houston to help solve the homelessness crisis. COMMENTARY –Faith Salie weighs in on having enough of those annoying corporate buzzwords.
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CBS News Sunday Morning is available for streaming on the CBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch CBS News Sunday Morning on demand at FuboTV.
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    June 19, 2016
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