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This documentary series traces the events that led to the invention of some of humankind's greatest accomplishments. Host Mo Rocca leads viewers through each innovation in his typically humorous style. Innovation Nation is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (152 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2014.

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Saturday 10:00 AM et/pt on CBS
6 Seasons, 152 Episodes
September 27, 2014
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mo Rocca, Alie Ward, Adam Yamaguchi, Albert Lawrence
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Innovation Nation Full Episode Guide

  • A women's rain boot stylishly keeps shoes dry; a tomato sorter; a folding origami hot drink cup with no plastic lid; general stores.

  • Technology that lets firefighters see through smoke; replacing the needle with jet-injected medicine; an enzyme that can eat landfill plastic; the first car ever built.

  • Emergency slides for buildings and schools; parking sensors for older cars; smart ski boots.

  • Robots that grow as they slither along; wall shelves just for cats; French igloos housing homeless; when glass became artistic.

  • The inventor of the Alinker bike that's changing the world for those with limited mobility; the school bus tracker cutting out waiting at bus stops; a shoe sole sensor keeping track of your feet; when tech began to aid accessibility.

  • A crime-fighting tether trips up bad guys; the woman who started the blow-drying empire; window blinds that provide power; the history of the sawmill.

  • A bot bakes fresh bread; a family builds an air cleaner; glasses that prevent motion sickness; the history of the station wagon.

  • An innovator creates strong thread from spider DNA; a boxing robot; a tiny drone keeps soldiers safe; the sewing machine.

  • A certain device can help lost individuals get saved; a heavily needled patch can help keep one healthy; turbine technology improves outdoor life; Mo Rocca explores the impact of lighting inventions.

  • A device makes boats more stable when waves crash into them; a certain library offers access to high-tech tools; a design app is used to design future projects; Mo Rocca discusses the person who invented the toaster.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the shirt that inflates to a lifejacket, the sponge keeping your kitchen cootie-free, a hydrofoil water bike, and the history of watchmaking.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the woman who tames robots, keeping your phone clean with a box of light, the headset that describes sight for the blind, and how refrigerators came to our kitchens.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the creator of the jetfoil surfboard that rides high above the waves; the device pointing the way to friends lost in crowds or wilderness; the weeding robot keeping gardens growing their best; and the importance of the train caboose, bringing up the rear.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the 24-year-old woman designing the cars of our future; the man who created the standing desk; the fruit-picking robot that could change the future of produce; and the evolution of the printing press.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the start-up using drones to deliver lifesaving blood to difficult-to-reach villages in Africa; the bed fan that's a hot leg fan; 3D-printed bicycle tires that never go flat; and how the typewriter changed the history of communication.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the bright artist using the sun's rays to make an imprint on the world; the teens creating techie tents for the homeless; the handheld device saving lives by detecting peanuts and gluten in foods; and the task of moving historic structures to Detroit to keep for posterity.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us an inner-tube-like system saving homes from floods; the artistic baker using math to create her artistic pies; a French app maker keeping travelers safe by warning of high-crime areas to avoid; and the history of ham radios keeping the world connected.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the innovative artist turning folded paper into unbelievable sculpture; the company that turns used shipping containers into indoor farms; a new discovery to grow crops in deserts; and the historic home where the Wright Brothers grew up.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us how science is transforming spinach leaves into new heart tissue; how to deter burglars with a fog security system; how to turn cement pipes into compact housing; and when U.S. automakers became wartime plane makers.

  • Host Mo Rocca shows us the jet hoverboard that flies over 100 miles per hour as high as 9,000 feet; 3D printed homes built in a day; the new food made from pond scum; and when the world transitioned from horses to cars.

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