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  • TV-G
  • 2014
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.2  (143)

Innovation Nation is a popular television show on CBS that aired from September 27, 2014, until May 16, 2020. The show seeks to highlight cutting-edge technological advancements and science breakthroughs from around the world in a fun and engaging way. It is hosted by Mo Rocca, Alie Ward, and Adam Yamaguchi.

Mo Rocca is an Emmy-winning comedian and broadcaster who has previously worked on shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and CBS's Sunday Morning. He brings a unique perspective to the show, providing humor and wit while interviewing the most brilliant minds in science and technology.

Alie Ward is a science correspondent and writer for various media outlets, including California Sunday Magazine, Nerdist, and the Science Channel. Her expertise in science and her passion for communication shines through on Innovation Nation. Alie brings the perfect balance of journalistic expertise and storytelling skills to the show.

Adam Yamaguchi is a seasoned journalist who has worked for several news outlets during his career, including NBC, CBS, and Al Jazeera. He complements Mo and Alie with his vast knowledge of international affairs and technology trends.

The show is not only informative, but it also aims to make science and technology accessible to a broader audience. Innovation Nation uses fun and engaging animations and graphics to explain complex scientific concepts, ensuring that viewers of all ages can understand the ideas being discussed.

The format of the show is quite simple. Mo Rocca introduces the episode and the topic at hand before handing over to Alie or Adam for more in-depth coverage of the subject. The hosts also embark on field trips to interview experts and see the technology in action. They showcase everything from drones and robots to solar power and biomedical engineering.

One of the standout episodes of Innovation Nation is the one about the invention of the rocket engine. The hosts explore the science and history behind rocket propulsion, profiling the pioneers of rocket science such as Robert Goddard and Wernher von Braun. They also visit the SpaceX headquarters in California to see Elon Musk's rocket engine production line.

Another episode worth mentioning is the one about the science of smell. In that episode, the hosts explore the human sense of smell and discuss how it works. They also talk about how powerful animals like dogs and bees use their sense of smell to navigate their environment. The hosts also interview a perfumer and a scientist who are working on new technologies to create synthetic smells.

Over the six seasons that it aired, Innovation Nation covered a variety of topics, from robotics and AI to space exploration and genetics. The show aimed to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs by showcasing the groundbreaking research and developments that are changing the world.

In summary, Innovation Nation is an enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring show that makes science and technology accessible to everyone. With Mo Rocca, Alie Ward, and Adam Yamaguchi as hosts, the show offers a blend of humor, journalistic excellence, and scientific expertise that makes it engaging and informative. The show profiled groundbreaking inventions, inventions, and innovations that were often ahead of their time, revealing what tomorrow's world might look like. Innovation Nation is a must-watch for anyone interested in science and technology.

Innovation Nation is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (158 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2014.

Innovation Nation
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Comic Book Beginnings
22. Comic Book Beginnings
April 25, 2020
Host Mo Rocca shows us the innovator creating superstrong thread from spider DNA; technology that lets firefighters see through smoke; the breathing pillow to snuggle you to sleep; and, the beginning of superhero comic books.
Roving Security Bot
21. Roving Security Bot
April 18, 2020
Summary is not available.
Tablet Toothpaste
20. Tablet Toothpaste
April 11, 2020
Summary is not available.
Downhill Ski Simulator
19. Downhill Ski Simulator
April 4, 2020
Summary is not available.
Motion Sickness Glasses
18. Motion Sickness Glasses
March 28, 2020
Summary is not available.
Doggie Doorbell
17. Doggie Doorbell
March 7, 2020
Summary is not available.
Forest Sound Sensors
16. Forest Sound Sensors
February 29, 2020
Summary is not available.
Avalanche Airbags
15. Avalanche Airbags
February 22, 2020
Summary is not available.
George Washington Carver
14. George Washington Carver
February 15, 2020
Mo Rocca shows us the electronic glasses that allow the blind to see; the sun tracking umbrella shielding you from harmful rays; updates on past innovators from previous seasons; and, a look at George Washington Carver, who changed the way farmers farmed.
Hospital Robot
13. Hospital Robot
February 8, 2020
Summary is not available.
Crime Fighting Lasso
12. Crime Fighting Lasso
February 1, 2020
Summary is not available.
Robot Sleep Pillow
11. Robot Sleep Pillow
January 25, 2020
Summary is not available.
Sleep Wristband
10. Sleep Wristband
January 18, 2020
Summary is not available.
 Windshield Parking Boot
9. Windshield Parking Boot
November 23, 2019
A device that forces people to pay their parking tickets by covering their windshield; how to close a wound with a zip, not a stitch; bike navigation shows riders the way; the invention of the vacuum cleaner.
No Lid Cup
8. No Lid Cup
November 16, 2019
A women's rain boot stylishly keeps shoes dry; a tomato sorter; a folding origami hot drink cup with no plastic lid; general stores.
Plastic Eating Enzyme
7. Plastic Eating Enzyme
November 9, 2019
Technology that lets firefighters see through smoke; replacing the needle with jet-injected medicine; an enzyme that can eat landfill plastic; the first car ever built.
Safety Slide
6. Safety Slide
November 2, 2019
Emergency slides for buildings and schools; parking sensors for older cars; smart ski boots.
 Cat Shelves
5. Cat Shelves
October 26, 2019
Robots that grow as they slither along; wall shelves just for cats; French igloos housing homeless; when glass became artistic.
 Mobility Scooter
4. Mobility Scooter
October 19, 2019
The inventor of the Alinker bike that's changing the world for those with limited mobility; the school bus tracker cutting out waiting at bus stops; a shoe sole sensor keeping track of your feet; when tech began to aid accessibility.
Drybar Founder
3. Drybar Founder
October 12, 2019
A crime-fighting tether trips up bad guys; the woman who started the blow-drying empire; window blinds that provide power; the history of the sawmill.
Bread Bot
2. Bread Bot
October 5, 2019
A bot bakes fresh bread; a family builds an air cleaner; glasses that prevent motion sickness; the history of the station wagon.
Spider Thread
1. Spider Thread
September 28, 2019
An innovator creates strong thread from spider DNA; a boxing robot; a tiny drone keeps soldiers safe; the sewing machine.
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Innovation Nation is available for streaming on the CBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Innovation Nation on demand at Max and Apple TV Channels.
  • Premiere Date
    September 27, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (143)