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Chocolate News is a news show parody that is hosted by David Alan Grier. Grier covers happenings in pop culture in a comical way. The show features a number of guest stars and many of the stars dress in costumes as part of the skits on the show. Viewers may even get a new perspective on current news by watching the program.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
October 15, 2008
Cast: David Alan Grier, Chris Tallman, Tangie Ambrose, Alphonso McAuley
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Chocolate News Full Episode Guide

  • David Alan Grier gives a list of things that black people want white people to give up. Next, visit Black Comic-Con. Later, see the Obama White House application. Finally, hear about the second biggest news story for black people this year.

  • Hear about America's Next Top Black Preacher. Also, watch an expose on the original all-black KISS. Get a preview of the presidential inauguration. Also, learn about Blowfly, the father of rap. Finally, a roundtable discussion on Condi Rice.

  • Skits include Barack Obama should quit and leave the country while on top now that he has won the election, Black Daddy, a new R&B singer who only sings clean, family oriented songs, "Blacks Only" features the original electric chair which was used on a black man during segregation, an NFL summit raises awareness to brain damage incurred by past NFL players, the 'gangsta' side of an Army recruiting ad on TV, and a roundtable on why black people keep getting caught with guns.

  • Skits include a TV series for kids which is hosted by rappers; consequences for the cosmetic company after signing Beyonce as their spokeswoman; an interview with Ludacris; a report of violence as caught on film; African bottled water; and roles for black actors in movies.

  • "Dog the Bounty Hunter" returns to TV. Also, a new abstinence program encourages college students to have sex. Later, an expose on half-black and half-white conjoined twins. Finally, hear how Hootie (from Hootie and the Blowfish) is restarting his career.

  • Included in this episode is a look at what Barrack Obama will be doing in his leisure time while in office; vitamins created for the crack addicts; adoptions of babies from Africa; the insatiable appetite of a death-row inmate; an NHL black goalie; and who will be Oprah Winfrey's replacement?

  • This week, DAG and his correspondents "flow" with the latest election news. Will they be cheering a Chocolate White House, or wondering if America has lost its damn mind? It's a special night of Chocolate News in this hilarious sketch comedy show.

  • David tells famous black people what to do, until November 5th, to help get Barack Obama elected; a look into the Denegrofication Institue, where white family members can send their black acting family members; Donald Mayfield is profiled, the first African-American to appear in interracial adult films; Chocolate News investigates the phenomenon of "Fat Black Momma Syndrome"; and David hosts a roundtable discussion on who is more qualified to be President.

  • David Alan Grier gives a message to white America about electing a black president; thugs in the hood deal with the national gas shortage; boosting black participation in professional sports; racist voting machine.

  • David Alan Grier talks about the death of hip-hop and how it lost its mind; Maya Angelou talks about the poems she would read if either Barack Obama or John McCain would be elected; Chocolate News mourns the death of one Roger Dunn, one of their investigative reporters and only white correspondent; the N-Word Peace Treaty breaks out into violence; and Chocolate News looks back at Luscious Trenton Johnson, the first black man to run for President.

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